DIY Snowman Photo Christmas Ornaments. Fun keepsake craft idea for kids!

When I saw this adorable snowman ornament idea submitted by Kristen, I knew exactly what I would do with my kid’s photos! This is the perfect craft for kids and great gifts for family members as well.

I’ll let Kristen explain exactly how she made these… take it away Kristen…

How to make Snowman Photo Ornaments

One of our holiday traditions is to make ornaments with the kids pictures on them. It is something my sister started 10 years ago when she had her first child and the rest of the family has picked up as we each began having kids. It’s fun to see the different ornaments everyone puts out each year and extra fun to pull out ornaments from years past to see how everyone has grown.

I love bulb ornaments and kept tossing around ideas of how I could make the boys annual ornaments using both a photo and the “design your own” ornaments. My solution – mod podge! I was very pleased with how they came out and hope that you like them too.

Supply list:

  • Blank Bulb Ornaments (“Design your own” ornaments)
  • Photos printed on regular paper and cut out (I used a 1″ circle punch)
  • Mod Podge (I used glossy for these ornaments)
  • Acrylic Paint and/or Paint Pens (I used white acrylic paint and light blue, black, brown, and white paint pens)
  • Sponge Paint Brush (I used the circle sponge brushes available at most craft stores)
  • Ribbon or Ornament Hooks
  • Miscellaneous accessories (optional, I used light ivory glitter tulle and snowflake buttons)

Note: Mod podge works with photo paper as well but since I was working with a rounded surface I thought that the stiffer photo paper would be less desirable.


Instructions for a Snowman Ornament
1. Mod podge the photo onto the ornament in the appropriate spot and let it dry completely.

Snowman Photo Ornament Craft
2. Using a round sponge brush and white acrylic paint, paint the snowman body below the mod podged photo by dabbing the sponge brush to form two dots on top of each other. Using a sponge paint brush and dabbing instead of rubbing helps give a textured look that resembles snow.

DIY Snowman Photo Christmas Ornaments. Fun keepsake idea for kids!
3. Using the same brush and paint, use just the outside edge of the brush to dab around the photos edge completing the head of the snowman with the photo as the face.


DIY Snowman Photo Christmas Ornaments. Fun keepsake craft idea for kids!
4. Using the paint pens, doodle as you see fit. I added the snowman staples of twig arms and coal buttons as well as a hat or scarf, dots for snow, the boys names, and the year.


Snowman Photo Ornament Craft
5. (optional) Accessorize as you see fit. I chose to stuff the inside of the ornaments with tulle by cutting it into strips and stuffing them in one by one until I liked how it looked.

Since the ornaments are transparent this helped add a little something in the middle. I love this step came out! I think pulled cotton balls with a little glitter would probably look equally great. The second accessory I added (and think I could of done without) was snowflake buttons that I attached to the loop on the ornament top.

DIY Snowman Photo Christmas Ornaments. Fun keepsake craft idea for kids!
6. Add ribbon or an ornament hook.
7. Hang ornament and enjoy!

I’m looking forward to making many different versions of these in future years and am even tossing around the idea of incorporating both boys on one ornament next year.

Thanks so much for submitting such a cute craft idea Kristen!

Visit Kristen’s blog Get Some Fun Out of Life for more great craft ideas. Do you have a fun craft idea? Visit the submissions page to find out how to get featured on Living Locurto.


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