My mom was nice enough to drive down from Oklahoma to stay with our kids for a few days while my husband and I get away. We decided to have a staycation. So instead of paying for flights and sitting on the beach like I originally wanted, we’ll be enjoying fancy dinners and spa treatments right here in town! Still sounds great to me.

Right now, I’m probably at the Ritz in this tub!! … Jealous?? (although I’m not sure about those candles floating in the water:-)

Picture 18

Or, I might be at this hotel’s rooftop pool reading the last Twilight book. (Yes, I caved and am getting the book even though it sounds SOOOO dumb!)

Picture 20

I might still be at this pool late tonight after falling asleep on these lounge chairs!

Picture 23

What I know I won’t be doing is listening to screaming kids or starring at my computer screen! I’m sure I’ll be Twittering from my iPhone though, just to rub it in a little more! hee! Talk to you all soon!! -Amy

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  1. ok- little offended about the twilight comment…..I suppose you don’t like Harry Potter either? Those or two of my FAVORITE fun read series! I won’t tell you how many time I saw the movie! Have a great time!

    Amy K’s last blog post..Kate

  2. are you talking about Breaking Dawn? I thought it was great…hope you have a wonderful time!

    Side Note: Have you read Twilights: Midnight Sun? It’s never been completed but what she has available on her website is awesome. Like 260pgs that you can download for free…it’s Edwards point of view of the first book. I loved it!

    Briony’s last blog post..sown seed

  3. My favorite site for great deals around the country and Texas for hotels and plane tickets is Travelzoo. There is a 4 star hotel on the Riverwalk in San Antonio that keeps coming on sale for $99 and I really really really want to stay there.

    Cant wait to hear what y’all did!

    Screwed Up Texan’s last blog post..Dizzy with Deliciousness

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