This week’s baby theme over at I Heart Faces makes me want to be a newborn photographer full time! Oh my goodness, look at this precious little baby I got to photograph yesterday! Graphic designer, party planner, blogger, why not add newborn photographer to the list? Who needs sleep? ha!

If you live in the Dallas area and about to have a baby… I’m officially adding newborn photography to my business. Love it!

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  1. This is adorable! Did you make the tutu and headband? If not, where did you buy them?

  2. That baby baby is adorable! And so little! Wee lil baby! You may consider creating wall portraits of your baby or wall art for your baby room.

  3. @Screwed Up Texan,

    A one month old would be hard! My first newborn was wide awake and moving all around. Babies are a challenge, but I love it. I found a free white noise app for my iPhone, but didn’t need to use it on this girl. If she fussed, here daddy would talk and she went back to sleep! Too cute. Girls are fun too because of all the outfits you can put them in. We had a lot of wardrobe changes! ha!

  4. @Amanda,
    Thank you!!! This was only my 2nd time to photograph a newborn, so I was very excited to see how cute they turned out.

  5. @TidyMom,
    Thanks!!! You inspired me to get some of the parents too:-) There was no light in their home because of large trees all around. So we were outside the whole time sweating like crazy. But the baby loved it!

  6. Great job! I need to take a lesson from you. I took some photos of a friend’s baby (albeit that she waited til her babe was one month old) and it was so hard!

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