We got a little excited over the fabric pumpkins we made this weekend! I think she was doing a happy dance.


? Faces “Excited” Photo Challenge


P.S.- We made these pumpkins by cutting empty toilet paper rolls (the cardboard part) in half, then put some plastic bags around it to give it some fluff, wrapped the fabric around, and tucked in the fabric on the top of the roll. Just add a stick and hot glue it together with a leaf. Voila! Super easy and super cute. For larger ones, wrap the fabric around an entire roll of toilet paper.

* I’m one of the Co-Founders of I ? Faces and doing this just for fun, no winning for me.*

Come on over to I ? Faces and share a photo with us! Enter Monday & Tuesday.

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  1. Awesome! I love her excited face and those pumpkins are way too cute. I’ll have to show my daughter and see if she wants to add that to her list of things for her party this weekend :). Great shot!!!!

  2. She does look excited! I think if we celebrated Halloween, I think my kids would be excited too, with those gorgeous pumpkins.

  3. Those pumpkins look way better than the real ones on my front porch. Mark talked me into carving pumpkins right after we bought them, and it’s still too warm. They’re already starting to rot. Yuck!

    Your daughter’s face says it all. She looks so proud of herself and so excited about what she has made.

  4. Wait. Have you seen my middle child get excited before? His eyes go crossed and the expression he gets is hilarious! It is the funniest thing ever, lol.

    Those fabric pumpkins look cool! I wonder if you could take a roll of toilet paper and wrap them in the fabric and then insert a stick at the top. They could be given away to friends or would just look insanely awesome on the back of my commode other than the rolls that are just sitting there.

  5. LOVE it! The pumpkins are adorable, as is her hat. What beautiful processing on the photo…someday, I’ll learn how to do that.

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