Halloween Lamp shades - Craft

Halloween lamp shades can be inexpensive and easy to make! I love these great homemade ideas submitted by Charisa from Madtown Macs. I hope you enjoy her guest tutorial. I’m ready to run out and buy some black and white felt now!

Halloween Lamp Shade Craft

I’ve seen themed chandelier lamp shades in many magazines and am always blown away by the price. I decided to try making some of my own and discovered that felt sticks to the material of the lamp shades.

As in no gluing and no sewing! Perfect! Let’s go!

I started by doodling. Once the idea is drawn, cut it out so that you’re able to make a stencil. Trace it onto the felt and cut your design out.

Halloween Lamp Shade Craft

Here’s a tip for tracing onto a dark color: Trace the outer edge with chalk!
Halloween Lamp Shade Tutorial

Once the pieces are cut simply press them onto the lamp shades. Spooky!

Halloween Ghost Lampshades

For the ghost’s eyes, use a paper punch to punch 3 black circles and a glue stick to adhere them.

Think of all the possibilities. Such a simple idea that makes quite the impact!


About Charisa

Charisa is a wife and mom, who loves her family, art and Sharpies. People who don’t return their shopping carts is high on her list of pet peeves.

Find her blogging at Madtown Macs.

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