Bunny & Baby Chick Basket Decorations

Easy Kid #Craft! #Easter Bunny & Baby Chick Cut Outs by livinglocurto.com

Bunny Candy Holders

Easy Kid Craft! Easter Bunny Candy Holders by livinglocurto.com

My son made the blue bunny. He did a good job!

Easy Kid Craft! Easter Bunny Candy Holders by livinglocurto.com

Here are the supplies you’ll need. Have fun!!

Bunny & Baby Chicks

Just draw your shape and cut! We used double stick tape to stick the pipe cleaners.

Bunny Candy Holders

I taped the bottom of the toilet paper roll before wrapping the paper around it. Don’t forget that, or your candy will fall out!

It was fun getting crafty with my kids!

What’s your favorite Easy Easter craft?

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  1. Amy, can you help me rewind my two about 7 years? PLeease….

    I used to do crafts with them all the time but they’ve outgrown me and I miss it!!!!

    I guess I’ll have to wait until they’re old enough to give me grandkids!

    Love your craft ideas – so much fun!

    If you get a chance, check out my color changing results following your tutorial. I hit a glitch with my “canvas” and now have a black and white background somehow behind the finished product that I didn’t know how to get rid of.

    Dot O’s last blog post..Shop Talk, Photoshop That Is

  2. Great ideas! We’ve been working on Easter decortations, but never thought of these. Will definitely be making some. Thank you!

  3. My kids are flying into Texas this afternoon so that you can do all your craft ideas with them and then I can clean my house? ‘Kay?! 🙂

    You are such a good mom…you probably don’t even laugh at your kids when they are full of drama either. Hee!

    theArthurClan’s last blog post..A Day Of Drama.

  4. Very cute ideas!!! Just added the bunny candy holders to the agenda for our Good Friday lineup. We spend the entire day crafting and baking and coloring eggs. The Candy holders will make perfect gifts for the cousins.

    Thank you!

    Pumpkin Petunia’s last blog post..SISTERS LIVE HERE

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