I’ve featured a few of our Homemade Halloween Family Costumes from the past to give you some ideas this season.

I love family themes!

Once we had kids, we had to do family themes. Usually based on what my son was into. He was addicted to Peter Pan last year!

Family Halloween Costumes - Peter Pan - Living Locurto

The year before it was The Incredibles. I re-drew the logo, then ironed it onto a onsie for the baby.

Family Halloween Costumes - The Incredibles - Living Locurto

Super Heroes are always fun!

Family Halloween Costumes - Living Locurto

One of our Halloween Blog Partiers, Kendra, has some great family themes too! I love the baby dwarf!

Family Halloween Costumes - Living LocurtoFamily Halloween Costumes - Living Locurto

Kid’s Costumes

I have an entire post about kid’s costumes. Head over there for more ideas. Of course I knew exactly what my son would choose… Bumble Bee, the Transformer.

Luckily, I talked him into only wearing this for Trick or Treat. He’s in on our family costume for our Annual Halloween Party. You’ll have to wait until next week to see what we come up with! It should be pretty funny if I can pull it off:-)

Halloween Blog Partier, Salinda, made these cute clown costumes.

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  1. Love the family costumes… I have some coming up for my blog next week and I have my post for your party almost ready… it too will go up next week! FUN!

  2. Awww… I want to dress up now. I never dress up with the kids but your photos are too cute. I hardly ever see adults dressing up anymore (with their kids that is).

    Love all the pics!

  3. I have a lot of catching up to do here, too!

    And look at you, looking hot-mama in those costumes! You and your family are so darling.

  4. A pregnant white trash cheerleader – CLASSIC!!
    This really made me laugh!!

    BTW, I painted pumpkins over the weekend with my niece & nephew thanks to your blog idea. I just posted pics on my blog in Day 10 of my 12 Days of Halloween feature.


  5. LOL! You are hilarious. OK, I have to admit that I have dropped the ball on costumes for your party. All I have is Josiah’s Incredibles costume. I was going to make shirts for us, but with Jackson’s stuff I didn’t have time. Will you still let us party with you? Please:)!

  6. LOL!!!! I love the cheerleader pic! You have made my afternoon! What a HOOT!
    How are ya stranger? Have missed visiting with you. Just chimed in on Donna’s and saw Angie in OH commenting about you. And I thought..it’s been tooooo long. Love all the new stuff here on your blog.
    Nominate a Best Mommy…I immediately thought of YOU!
    All is well here; lots going on. Moved my office; the Mayor and I traded offices so I am really uptown now; actually LOOKS like a judge’s office…too cool! So I am STILL trying to find everything…it’s all in a different spot, so I feel like I am in the “wrong pew”…for a week?!?!? hehehehe.
    Keep up the great work here and hope to hear back from you soon.

    Love from your friend in East Texas! Ruth Ann

  7. Love the costumes!!! We never did a “family theme” and that I do regret. Where were all of these great blogs 12 years ago!!!!

    These are sooo good, Amy!

  8. We are having our 8th annual Halloween Party this Saturday! This is why we are all dressed up. I usually try to dress as something when giving out candy too. One year I was a vampire (a nice one) and nobody would let their kids come to my door! ha. Now the neighborhood kids are older and would probably love it if I did that again.

  9. What a fun post! Oh, my gosh, that white trash high school couple made me laugh out loud. Too funny. You are really the Queen of Halloween. I’m so impressed that you do family themes each year. I just sit on the porch and hand out candy in my regular ol’ clothes. Nothing exciting here. And my son announced two years ago that he’s “too old to dress up,” so this year it’ll just be my daughter inn costume. She always wants to be an animal. This year: a pink unicorn.

    That Marie Therese gown is a-MA-zing.

  10. Oh my word – I just realized where your hubby’s hand is in the white trash picture… 🙂

  11. Love, love, LOVE your costumes, girl! Too cute! One year growing up, my family went as Peter Pan. My mom made costumes for my bro – Peter Pan, my sis – Tinkerbell, mom – Tiger Lily. I had one of those long swiss-dotted dresses, so it was easy for me to be Wendy. My dad dressed as a pirate. Such fun memories!

  12. I can’t get over the fact that you were so cute pregnant that you could show your belly! Girl ~ that’s just not right….but how adorable you both looked. 🙂 I think that’s the best costume idea I’ve ever seen.

    Can’t wait to see what you come up with for this year…

    Angie in OH

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