Secret Rooms for Kids

Must See Secret Hidden Kids Rooms

Do you have an extra closet, room or space under your stairs? You might be inspired to turn them into a hiding place with these fantastic secret rooms for kids!

My friend, Andrea Riley and her husband, created not just one secret play room, but four for their kids!  I think they get the parents of the year award.

Secret Hidden Kids Rooms

You have to see all four of the hidden rooms! Andrea’s daughter’s pink room (featured above) is the coolest! You’d never know there was a room behind the wall at all. So much so that her babysitter couldn’t find the kids when they forgot to fill her in on the secret rooms! ha!

Maybe you don’t want to cut holes in your walls for a hidden room? How about cutting through an armoire, CS Lewis style!

Secret Hidden Kids Rooms

Apartment Therapy featured this great idea by Maple Seed Renovation.


Secret Hidden Kids Rooms

What a fun teen room! This family created a secret study room for their daughter. Image via


I say forget the kids… I want a secret room now! How about you?

Must See Secret Hidden Kids Rooms

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  1. Partilho!

  2. I want a secret room for me!!! :)

  3. Rosana Z says:

    will remember this for when I have a house & I can tear into walls!

  4. Jasmine Patrick says:

    Just love these secret rooms!!! What fun! I wish I’d had a secret room for my kids but they are all grown up and married with their own kids, I will send this e mail with the lovely rooms to them and tell them about them – Thanks for sharing

  5. Drew is the absolute coolest girl around!!!! I love the creative spaces she made for her children. Some day I want to be a mom JUST like her!!!!

  6. Oh, cool! So neat to see my kids playrooms featured here.

  7. My kids all think Aunt Drew & Uncle Mark have the coolest house in the world!! The secret rooms have been a huge hit with our entire family. :)

  8. I loved Andrea’s post and it makes me wish we had some hidden space–I would so much love to do this for my kids!


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