The Help – Mississippi & Minny’s Chocolate Pie {Movie}

If you have been following me on Facebook, you’ll know I have been in Mississippi. I wasn’t sure how much I could talk about what I was doing on my blog until now…. so here is the scoop!!

The Help by Kathryn Stockett

Have you read The Help by Kathryn Stockett? I did and absolutely LOVED it!! At the time, I thought, this has to be made into a movie! So I found their Facebook page, which confirmed they were making a movie, which lead me to a link about a contest where you could win a trip to be on the movie set. With about 2 hours until the contest closed, I entered a photo and talked about how the book inspired me. Never thinking another thing about it, because I never win that sort of thing.

Turns out, I did!! I was one of the five grand prize winners! So earlier this week, my friend Naomi and I, had one of the most wonderful girl trips EVER to the cotton capital of Mississippi to meet movie stars, hang out with wonderful people, and stuff ourselves silly with fried southern food.

This wouldn’t be a good trip with out something happening right?

After arriving at the Memphis airport, I find out that my luggage never made it on the plane. What?? A car was coming to pick us up in about twenty minutes and drive us two hours away for only one day. I really needed my bag that day!

My luggage would be put on another plane, but not arriving until later that evening. Ack!! I’m going to meet movie stars and have no underwear, make-up or my high heels!! Noooooo! So that’s exactly what I said to the workers behind the counter at the “Lost Luggage” place. This is how the conversation started in a very southern drawl…

Luggage Lady : “A movie set? Well gosh! So, where you gonna be staying at? We’ll have someone deliver your bag when it gets here.”

Me: “A hotel in Greenwood, Mississippi. I think it’s several hours from here. We actually have to go soon to catch our ride. Is there anyway possible my bag will get there tonight because I’m only here for one day?”

Luggage Lady to Luggage Man sitting next to her: “Hey, isn’t Morgan Freeman from Greenville?”

Luggage Man: “Yes, I think he is!!”

Me: “Excuse me, I said GreenWOOD, not Greenville.”

Luggage Man: “I swear, I thought he was from Greenville, but now that she said Greenwood, I think that’s where he’s from!”

Luggage Lady: “What would you know, you’re not from the south anyway!?!?!”

Luggage Man: “Hey now, I’ve been here long enough to know where Morgan Freeman is from! Is he in that movie you’re going to see?”

Me ( Ignoring Luggage Man): “Sorry, are you sure you got that I’m going to GreenWOOD and not Greenville? I really need my underwear.”

Luggage Lady: “Oh honey, I almost put down Greenville! Good thing you corrected me because that’s a really far drive. I wondered why you would you be going there? Unless they were filming that movie there, because that’s where Morgan Freeman’s from, you know?”

Several long minutes later of trying to figure out where Morgan Freeman was from… I leave the Lost Luggage office more confused than ever, but ready to have a good time no matter what and just cross my fingers my bag shows up sometime that night. I’m in the deep south. This should be fun!

Evidence of being in the south. I’ve never seen so many flavors of pork skins in my life!! ha.

After arriving at the hotel, I noticed a few gorgeous clothing boutiques right across the street. Of course, in small towns, nothing is open on Sunday and if it is, it closes early.

I call the airline and am told there is no way my bag will get there tonight. Ack! We leave for the movie set in the morning!

Twenty minutes before our scheduled dinner, one of the hotel workers drives us to JcPenney (it’s either that or Walmart) to find some clothes. I feel so much better just knowing I’ll have some underwear!!

As we walk into JcPenney a worker gets on the loud speaker and says. “Attention shoppers, we will be closing in 10 minutes, please bring your items to the check out counter.” Noooo!!! Seriously cracking up, my girlfriend and I split up for a super quick shop-a-thon!! LOL! I think the lady working there thought we were crazy. After 10 minutes, I had a few tops, a necklace, and best of all underwear. Too bad they didn’t have make-up and hairspray at that store.

On the way back to the hotel, we got a short tour of the town and saw some antique cars that were being used for the movie. The guy driving told us the cast was mostly gone because they had the wrap party the previous night. It was a big to-do, the town even had fireworks for them!

I have to say Greenwood is beautiful and the magnolia trees are bigger than houses!


Dinner Surprise

We made it to dinner, got to know the other winners and meet the film studio’s publicist. I found the stories about the movie fascinating and the fried shrimp and fried green tomatoes amazing! It was such a fun time, so what if I was wearing granny panties from JcPenney!

Then out of nowhere we heard a loud southern voice say, “Did someone order some chocolate pie??? You better hurry and eat this because I’ve got five kids I need to get home to!”. It was Octavia Spencer, who plays Minny, and one of the producers Brunson Green, holding chocolate pies. If you have read the book, you know the significance of that pie… and this was the pie that would be in the movie!

Octavia is one of the nicest, funniest people you’ll meet. The character Minny was actually based on her. It was a blast having her at dinner.

Octavia Spencer - The Help - Oscar Winner

We enjoyed the most incredible chocolate pie I’ve ever had. I’m guessing it had caramel in it as well. YUM!

Minny's Chocolate Pie from The Help - Octavia Spencer

The producers are from the area and their moms bring in homemade pies and cakes. Apparently everyone has gained weight from working in Mississippi. After eating this pie, I can see why!

The next day we were off to the movie set to watch scenes filmed with Emma Stone (Skeeter), Viola Davis (Aibileen) and Octavia (Minny).

I’ll continue my story soon… maybe when the movie comes out.

UPDATE: Check out behind the scenes from The Help Movie & more movie set photos in my movie review.

So have you read the book? What did you think of it?

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  1. Tabitha Blue says:

    That is so amazing!! What a great win and a great trip!! And of course, a perfect photo to save… She’s on a streak!

  2. I am so happy to have found this site!! I have just read the book and seen the movie and I absolutely loved it!!! You are soo lucky to have been there! What a treat! The story inspired me so much and I admire all those great women who worked the way they did back in the day- and Skeeter is just wonderful and courageous to work with the women and uncover the truth for all others to know what it must have been like in 1960s South. I love Minny and the story made me laugh but also cry how unfair and awful human beings can be to each other. Would love to find the recipe for Minny’s pie. Thank you for this site and thank you for sharing!! Best regards from Europe!! Much love to all.

  3. I am in the process of reading the book…about 1/3rd of the way done…..can’t wait for the movie…congrats on the win :)

  4. Just finished The Help this morning and knew I had to come back and read this post. *sigh* I don’t have anything witty to say. Just jealous you got to be there! And happy for you! ;)

  5. Oh. My. Gosh. I’m catching up on your blog tonight and nearly fell over when I got to this post. I’m just now in the middle of reading “The Help” and am slightly obsessed with it. It’s just sooo good. I had no idea they had already filmed the movie. I thought they were still casting it. How exciting to hear who is playing each of the roles. Sounds like they cast it perfectly.

    I can’t believe you got to visit the set and everything. Wow! That is just too cool, Amy.

  6. How amazing! What an incredible experience – the trip – not the luggage debacle! Funny, though!
    I loved “The Help”. I am from the deep South and the book made me so homesick (I don’t live in the South now). I thought alot of the older generation of my family and “the help” that was a part of their lives.
    What an adventure you had – good for you!

  7. Oh Amy, you have such adventures….
    If you have heard of the comedian Brain Regan….you need to listen to him do a bit about losing his baggage- and the airport essentials kit.

    Have a good day

  8. Nice to read your story about Greenwood. I lived there for 3 years until 2 weeks ago and had a blast hanging out with the cast and crew at the Alluvian bar most nights (and on the courtyard)…

  9. Loved reading your blog about your visit to the set of “The Help”! I live in Greenwood and it has been quite exciting for our little town to have all of the movie people in town. So glad you enjoyed your trip! Yes, the Alluvian is fantastic and all of our little shops on Howard Street are pretty cool! I hope you got to visit all of them. And from your description about who made the pie, it had to be Martha Foose. She’s an amazing chef who is from the Delta and has done some great things! She has a cookbook out and appeared on “Good Morning America” a while back to promote it. Looking forward to reading more about your trip!

    Cindy B.

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