Kid’s Morning Routine Flash Cards | Free Printables

Kids Morning Routine Free Printable Flash Cards. Visuals to help kids be more responsible on their own.

Getting back into a school routine will be the hardest change for my kids and me.

We are NOT morning people, so I made these Free Printable Morning Flash Cards to hang in my kid’s rooms for them to remember what they need to do. I’m crossing my fingers these fun cards help speed things along!

Free Printable Morning Flash Cards for Kids by

Choose cards for boys or girls, just click the image you’d like to download and print.

{Please Note} I changed the order since the photo was taken above. My son was kind enough to point out he should be brushing his hair AFTER putting on his clothes:-) Makes sense to me!

Free Printable Morning Flash Cards - Boy

Free Printable Morning Flash Cards - Girl

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school routine chart

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  1. Sarah Lawlor says:

    What about breakfast?

  2. We liked your printable visual reminders so much that we featured them in our blog post: Thanks so much!

  3. Love the cards. My child’s occupational therapist actually recommended a system like this. However, it would be fantastic, to be able to customize them according to a families needs. For instance, in our house we get out of bed and make the bed first. Then we dress and brush hair. Next is breakfast and THEN brush our teeth. Can the download be modified to accommodate different families?

    • That is our exact routine! I was hoping for an “eat breakfast” in the mix! That is where we struggle the most!!

  4. Thank you for the adorable routine cards!! They look really good and I am sure that they will be very handy. This is a great idea as children can visually see and be reminded of their step-by-step routines during theie morning routine. Here is a free download you may like for an activity on my blog.

  5. Do u have a night time routine set? Take a bath, Jammie's, brush teeth , story,

  6. Great link. How can I add going to the bathroom instead of rushing hair as my son waits for the last minute to go and has very short hair. Thanks once again for this wonderful freebie.

  7. Amy Senter says:

    Great freebie! I wanted to let you know I included your link on my blog if you want to check it out:

  8. Do you have any similar cards for nighttime routines?

  9. These are awesome! Thank you so much! I am printing them out and starting them tomorrow. Can’t wait!

  10. Could you possibly make these without the numbers?


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