This cute Printable Elf Kissing Booth for your Elf on the Shelf® is the best elf arrival idea ever! A perfect elf arrival idea with candy kisses that kids always love.

Elf on the Shelf Arrival Idea Kissing Booth

Cute Printable Elf Kissing Booth

Peter is such a creative little Christmas Elf ! He showed up this weekend inside of an Elf Kissing Booth! Instead of kisses of the lip kind, he was giving away candy kisses.

Although I’m sure he and his elf photo booth Barbie friends might have played around doing some real kissing before we woke up! How fun is this elf sized kissing booth? Our Christmas Elf is always so creative.

Elf on the Shelf Idea - Kissing Booth Printable

The Original Elf Kissing Booth

Originally designed back in 2012 by our funny Christmas Elf, this Elf Kissing Booth has been shared by over 33,000 people and made thousands of kids happy!

We love seeing so many of you sharing your photos of your elf in our printable kissing booth.

Thank you for always sharing your adorable photos with us!

If you haven’t shared your elf photos yet, use the hashtags #LivingLocurto and #LLBlogElf on Instagram. We’d love to see and will update this post with some of your photos.

Surprise your kids with a gift from their Elf this Christmas with the original Elf Kissing Booth from the North Pole! Perfect for the magical shelf or any place in your home!

What Day Does Elf on the Shelf Arrive?

Wondering what day the Elf on the Shelf arrives? Many elves fly down from the North Pole on Thanksgiving night, and others wait until December. If your elf doesn’t show up, be sure to send a Letter to Santa and let him know your elf got lost.

Elf on the Shelf Dolls

Cute Elf Arrival Idea

This simple elf kissing booth printable is one of our favorite Elf on the Shelf Arrival Ideas to date! Our elf is super creative and always makes us smile, especially when he brings chocolate kisses.

Surprise your kids with a gift from their Elf this Christmas with the original Elf Kissing Booth from the North Pole! Perfect for the magical shelf or any place in your home!

 Since elves love candy, they probably use these printable kissing booths for carnivals at the North Pole. We know they love to party!!

A fun Printable Elf Kissing Booth idea. Give away candy kisses for good little boys and girls.

©2012-2022 –   We love when you share, but please credit us and link back to this page if you use one of our photos. Thanks!


Watch the Elf Kissing Booth in Action

Click play on the video below to watch our sneaky Elf on the Shelf, Peter, in action. He is too funny!

Why Does My Elf Not Move?

Wait a minute… does your elf not move around ever night like ours? If so, you might want to read this article to your kids. I did a lot of research about why elves might not move!

What do you do if your elf doesn’t move?

Find out why your elf didn’t move here –> Top 10 Reasons Why Your Elf on the Shelf Did Not Move.

Top 10 Reasons Why Your Elf on the Shelf Did Not Move. Great List for Kids and Parents to Read!


Print the Elf Kissing Booth

Our elf Peter shared the plans for the North Pole kissing booth, so now your elf can give away candy kisses too!

It’s so easy to make, we hope you enjoy this printable design direct from the North Pole. I’m sure your kids will love it as much as mine did!

Surprise your kids with a gift from their Christmas Elf with an Elf Kissing Booth! A printable for a magical shelf full of candy kisses. Cute ideas for your Elf on the Shelf.

Surprise your kids with a gift from their Elf this Christmas with the original Elf Kissing Booth from the North Pole! Perfect for the magical shelf or any place in your home!
Click Here to Print Download Elf Kissing Booth Printable by Amy Locurto

–> CLICK HERE <— to get the Elf Kissing Booth

GET FEATURED! If you use this printable design, we’d love for you to share your elf photos on our Facebook page. Use the hashtag #LLBlogElf on Instagram to share what your elf has been up to this season.

Disclosure: THE ELF ON THE SHELF® is a trademark of CCA and B, LLC. This printable prop design is in no way associated with the company.

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Originally published December 11, 2012, updated July 22, 2021

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  2. This is so adorable Amy! You have the best ideas! I just pinned it too so I won’t forget for the holidays! Thanks so much!

  3. Hi Amy,

    I love your elf on the Shelf Kissing Booth but I cant really afford to purchase the bundle to get it. Times have been hard as my hours at work have been cut and my husband is really the only income we have right now.

    I was wondering if there was away that I could possibly purchase just the kissing booth? I can’t afford allot but my little girl loves hersheys kisses and I know this would make her day.

    Thank you



  4. Thank you for the swift response. I have been using Chrome as my browser, so that may explain the issue as well.

  5. Hi Caroline,

    I just emailed you. Sorry you are having problems. I often miss comments, but you can always email me through my contact page if you have future issues. I’m happy to help! Thanks ~ Amy

  6. I joined, went to your exclusive membership section, and nothing. No printables, no downloads. The link there for this as “popular” just keeps taking your users through an endless, frustrating loop. Please put a clear link or be prepared to refund my membership fee.
    Thank you.

  7. This is the cutest thing ever! My kids at school had a BLAST with Cheery the Elf last year. This would be a great addition to her silly games for next year. Could you please email this to me?

  8. Please send via email any Elf Printables that you have…not on fb, including the 25 photos if possible..i have been trying to save & print but can’t. Thank you so much

  9. Hey Amy- This is ADORABLE. I’m one of the few not on facebook. Can you email the printable to me? I think my kids would LOVE this. THANKS!!

  10. This is adorable! We just got our elf, and I can’t wait to try this. Can you please email me the file- thanks in advance.

  11. I am also unable to print, can you email it to I’ve already done the Photo Shoot one and my son loved it. When he found Snickers he wanted to get in on the photo shoot!

  12. Hi Amy
    Blossom would love to be in your booth.. You are so creative… I just love it!! I can’t get it to print? Help.. Thank you!

  13. Hi Amy! I am among the non-Facebookers while at work, and cannot print at home, so…is there an alternate option? Thanks for all the fun! FYI Herbie is a work elf, not a house elf, so he’s got a whole different gig …

  14. This is so perfect! I’ve been running out of ideas with my daughter’s elf and she’s going to be so excited to see this. Thanks so much and I love your ideas and printables. 🙂

  15. Darn!! I was really hoping to print this but it looks like I am out of luck since I am not on facebook. Seems everything is done through facebook these days and I refuse to take part in it—not since one of my friends had a case of identity theft traced back to facebook.

  16. Amy – Thank you so much for the Elf printables! We recently adopted our own elf and he will love these!

  17. Hi Amy, I’m one of the few that doesn’t have a facebook account. Is there a way I can print one out for free through your blog? I just love this idea!

  18. Thank you sooooooo much – “Red” is totally gonna be in a Kissing Booth tomorrow – thanks for sharing your creativity!

  19. I love this! I’m not a facebook member and I was wondering if there is another way to get this free printable?

  20. Oh that is AWESOME!!! Always looking for more ideas for our Elf Snoopy. The kids will love this one. He is the first one the kids look for as soon as they open there eyes in the morning.

  21. Super Cute! While I haven’t purchased an Elf as my daughter is 13, I know she would appreciate this one – she would see the humor and love the chocolate!

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