Small Oklahoma Town Tour

Enjoy a fun tour of my small Oklahoma town from 2008!

In October, I went back to my small home town in Oklahoma, where many generations of my family have grown up. We go way back in this little town on the prairie!

For those who may not know, this is where Ree, the Pioneer Woman, goes when she heads to “town”. You’ve seen her photos of the prairie, so I thought it would be fun to show you a bit of the city life. So put on your boots and let’s go to town ya’ll!

Oklahoma Small Town Tour

With a total of about 3,500 people, you can see how bad the traffic jams can get. I did get stuck behind a blue haired lady who kept stopping and going again. This caused my trip to town to take an entire five minutes instead of two!! The nerve of some people! hee:-)

Oklahoma Small Town Tour

My friend, Pete Lacker, shot this photo for a musician’s CD cover. You can see how wild it gets a night.

Oklahoma Small Town Tour

One thing for sure about a small town is you usually know everyone and some are even related. Meet one of my cousins, Phillip. Don’t you just love his style?

Oklahoma Small Town Tour

We saw Cousin Phillip on our trip to the best hamburger joint in town.

Oklahoma Small Town Tour

Oklahoma Small Town Tour

Not much room inside, but my kids got the best spot… right in front of the grill! They had a ball sitting at the bar. Very different from the bars in Dallas! I think the 5 customers enjoyed having them there too:-)

Oklahoma Small Town Tour

This is what I miss most about small towns…

Oklahoma Small Town Tour

Oh yeah, look at that homemade chocolate pie! yum!

Oklahoma Small Town Tour

Of course my mom had to show off her cute grandkids at work.

Oklahoma Small Town Tour

My son had fun playing mayor and eating M & M’s from the candy machine.

Oklahoma Small Town Tour

Here’s the house where I grew up and where mom still lives. See the tree in the top right corner? I have a photo of all the neighborhood girls wearing prom dresses next to that tree and it was shorter than us. Wish I had that photo, but it’s in this house you’re looking at now.

The kids got to pick veggies in Grandma’s garden.

Oklahoma Small Town Tour

Then it was time to get in our costumes and go to Halloween night at the Kiddie Park!

Oklahoma Small Town Tour

The Kiddie Park is in a nearby town and has probably been around as long as me.

All rides are only $.25 each!

Oklahoma Small Town Tour

Lots of really old rides that go VERY fast. My kids love it!

One of the man clowns made my 80 year old Grandma a balloon way too nasty to put on my blog. Can you guess what it was? I don’t think I’ve seen her blush like that in a long time! ha. Hint: it looked like a mini sword… I really couldn’t look at my son’s sword the same way all night:-)

Oklahoma Small Town Tour

This is my son’s attempt at taking the four generations of women photo. See what happens when you’re 5 and have been eating sweets at Grandmas all weekend!

Oklahoma Small Town Tour

I took advantage of the grandmas and escaped to my alma matter, Oklahoma State University, for some homecoming fun. It was great to be without children for a day and see old girlfriends!

Hope you enjoyed a quick tour of my hometown.

Thanks mom, Aunt Tricia and Grandma for making our trip so much fun. We hope to come back again real soon.

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  1. Barbara says:

    I grew up in Blackwell, which isn’t too far from Pawhuska. Now there’s no family left there, but I still have great friends from school years who are email pals. OSU is also my alma mater, where I was elected Flying Aggie Queen, but I won’t say in what year, and yes, I did earn my pilot’s license there! I love my hometown, but now there are mostly only family graves to visit as there are few still alive who would remember those wonderful days.

  2. I’m stalking your blog today…which I love btw and came across your Pawhuska tour! I love it and I miss Sally’s hamburgers! I just had to tell you that my dad, Matt Free is in the back of your Sally’s pic in his white shirt! I totally had to make fun of him because he still eats there everyday and now we have proof! haha!

  3. Umm, you must be really near where I am from. I have been wondering about the Pioneer Woman and her relationship to the statue. I grew up in the City, but was born near Kingfisher and Cashion. Spent my “leisure time” with family in GUthrie. Met my husband at OSU.

    And to think I just stumbled over here from “the imperfect poppy” because she downloaded your valentine!

  4. I am wondering exactly which small town this is. I am thinking it is probably somewhere near Stillwater, but I’m not sure. I would love to take my nieces to the kiddie park. I am from Washington, OK, which at the time I grew up (outside of town) was really small. In the 1920’s, they actually had a movie theater and a bank, but those burned down and were never rebuilt. When I grew up, we had a drug store (my grandparents owned it), a hardware store, two cafes, a gas station, and a feed store. There were 151 kids from Kindergarten through 12th grade when I was a Senior in 1979. Now the school is much bigger, as is the town, but there is only a convenience store and a bakery/cafe. They did score a four-way stop, though. ;)

  5. My family hails from Sapulpa OK and so seeing your cousin with the Route 66 vest brought back memories. I think I’d actually buy that vest if I saw it in a shop somewhere!

    Screwed Up Texan’s last blog post..Gems Found on a Hike Through the Woods

  6. Small towns are great!! My favorite was the swinging bridge! Janet

  7. Your hometown seems very quintessential of a sleepy little town that you just want to go to and take a nap in…lol…

    But then it sounds a lot more interesting than just that…

    You have beautiful children, btw!


    p.s. sorry this visit is so late! :)

  8. Small town living is the best kind of living. :-)

    Daja’s last blog post..Not a Happy Anniversary

  9. wow, it looks like you had a fantastic visit back home. thanks for sharing with BATW!!

    illahee’s last blog post..i Heart Faces #2

  10. I was drooling over that chocolate pie! Yummy!!!

    Vanessa’s last blog post..Lights out

  11. Its nice to know places like this still exist. That was a fun tour with just the right mix of pictures and words. And yes, I do love your cousins style!

    Found you on BATW.

    Brenda’s last blog post..Fridays Favorites

  12. I really enjoyed your tour, the photos were quite amusing. There definitely is something to be said about small town living, and a good thing at that!

  13. I’m moving there tomorrow. Thanks.


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