I’m very excited about the next few weeks at I Heart Faces! Now that it’s summer, we are celebrating teenagers and showcasing their talents by having several weeks devoted to them! More and more young photographers have been joining our Community and we are totally amazed by the degree of talent.

I firmly believe that it’s our job to encourage those at a young age. I Heart Faces is the place for encouragement, so if you know a young person interested in photography, be sure to tell them about our photo challenge on July 5th for ages 13-19 only. You can visit this page to learn about the details of our upcoming challenges.

This week, anyone can enter and you must have a teen in the photo. I don’t know many teens, but captured this pretty girl at the Jimmy Buffett concert last month. I was totally surprised by all the young kids there! I remember going to these concerts way back when and thinking it was just a bunch of OLD people wearing tie dyed shirts… I guess I’m one of the old people now:-)

I’m one of the co-founders of I Heart Faces and just entering for fun. I hope you’ll  enter a  photo this week. Be sure to visit our guest photographer judge this week. Jamie Delaine is an amazing, well known Vancouver photographer and only 19!! She’s such an inspiration!

Has I Heart Faces caused you to walk up to strangers and ask to take photos of them like it has me? Just wondering? ha!

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Share the fun!

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  1. Thank you ever so for you blog.Really looking forward to read more.

  2. The beauty of youth, I always think that when I see teenagers. And they are so unaware of it at times.

    Love your photo.

    Have a great week. xxx

  3. Wow, she is really gorgeous. I’m impressed that you were able to capture such a beautiful picture of a stranger. I would have wimped out as soon as she made eye contact.

  4. She is gorgeous! What a great smile… she reminds me of somebody, but I can’t remember who. And Buffet is ageless and timeless… I imagine my son’s grandkids will still be rockin’ along to Margaritaville after I’m long gone….

  5. She is stunning! It’s encouraging to see such a fresh and beautiful face and see a teenager look like a teenager! btw I FINALLY got around to posting about the photo walk…I know lame!

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