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Adult Entry

When my family was here from Boston, we when to a Renaissance festival. There were knights, kings, queens and the best of all fairies! My daughter was in awe over this beautiful fairy. She played the party to a hilt… so much so it kind of creeped me out:-) I love the way she looked right at my camera and her costume was so neat. She also gave my little girl a fairy stone that she carried around in her pocket all day! If it was my son, he would have lost it in 2 minutes.

Kid Entry

This is one of my favorite photos from our trip to The Outerbanks in North Carolina last summer. We always wear hats on the beach. Not really a “face” photo, but I’ve used all my good ones for previous entries. Oh well… I really wish I was sitting in that exact spot right now!

I’m co-founder of I ? Faces and only entering for fun.

Good luck to all who enter!!!

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  1. Hi Amy! I’m a regular participant of iheartfaces, but I came upon this picture via a google search. I love going to our local Renaissance Festival and when I saw this picture of the fairy I thought I was seeing double. I swear it is the same fairy that I saw at the festival here in Colorado. I have a picture of her posted here: (Near the bottom of the post)

    She has a slightly different outfit, but played the same instrument and she gave the children fairy stones here too! I guess she travels to other Renaissance Festivals (assuming it is the same lady).

    Mary’s last blog post..More teeth…

  2. Wow Amy, that adult shot is gorgeous – love the composition, sharpness, light and color. The baby shot is precious too. Love shots of the little one’s in action, and the sky is beautiful. Love the contrast of the tiny little sweetie with the giant sky and ocean. Cool photos!

    Carebear (Cari)’s last blog post..Six Word Saturday: Daddy’s Home!

  3. Wow! That fairy shot is the bomb! How cool! Don’t you love it when you get great subject matter to shoot?

  4. Love that adult picture!!! I just went to a “hippie” parade in our town and captured a pic of a woman on a bike with a whole tree branch on her head! Unfortunately, it wasn’t a close-up. But I immediately thought of it when I saw your pic!

    And what a sweet beach picture! Love the neutral colors of the sand and surf, and then POW! It’s rainbow gumdrops and pink stripes galore! Too cute. Wish I were there too!

    Heather@ adventures of aidanpod’s last blog post..I ? Faces – My boys in HATS

  5. Beautiful pictures, as usual! I feel like that fairy is looking right at me!! I wish I could ask her to send her friends, the house-cleaning fairies, my way…

    Love the Outer Banks pic too… I am North Carolinian to the core so I love everything NC! It’s so cute when kids are playing so seriously!

    julie’s last blog post..i [heart] faces – hats

  6. The fairy picture is absolutely beautiful! I can see how your daughter would be smitten with her. And that is so sweet that the fairy gave her a stone. My son would’ve even eaten that right up! Great job!

  7. Great photo- of the “Fairy” great hat picture- I’ve always thought it would be fun to go to a festival like that- maybe someday.
    Thanks for sharing

  8. I really like that adult capture. Neat that she played along with it so well. And a perfect capture of it.

  9. I LOVE the adult entry what a great picture! I wish I was on the beach in the second!
    Please feel free to check out my entry HERE

    Tonya’s last blog post..iHeart Faces

  10. Both pictures are great… I just found your site last week. So this is my second time to enter. I love pictures and love looking at everyone’s picture….

  11. Hey Amy. Your photos are really great! I remember going on a school trip to the Renaissance festive. That fairy photo brought back some great memories. I love her face painting too! The Outer Banks photo also brings back some great memories. It’s one of our favorite places to go. Such a cute photo!

    Miti’s last blog post..

  12. AH! Love your adult entry, Amy! We went to Scarborough Fair too and I tried SO hard to get a great shot of that SAME girl! She was SO beautiful! Alas, I just couldn’t pull it off! Yours is just beautiful!

    p.s. so sad we had to cancel on Saturday…dumb storms… 🙂

  13. Too bad you cannot win because that adult fairy is amazing! I need to go stalk people with out of this world personality to get some such images. Isn’t there something so sweet about a child exploring the seashore? Your picture is really tranquil.

  14. Might not be a face, but it is a darling photo. I love the photos of little ones from the back! And the adult entry is gorgeous!

  15. I’m kind of in awe over the fairy too, lol. That is a really cool, excellent capture. The beach one looks like it could be an ad.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Your favorite photo blogger ever,
    B Dad 🙂

    Boybarian Dad’s last blog post..I Heart Faces – Hats

  16. Your adult entry is amazing! You’re right, she really connects with the camera!

    The beach photo is beautiful, I love the textures of the sand, water and sky – plus the fun colors of the outfit and hat 🙂

    Ellie’s last blog post..I heart faces {Hats} kids

  17. Both entries are great! The face is so expressive in the adult one, and there’s so much beautiful detail. The kids one? Yeah, I want to be there, too. Right now…and for the next few weeks/months/years. It’s a very evocative picture.. and I’m sure it’s a great memory for you!

    Pam D’s last blog post..I Heart Faces–Week 17–Hats

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