I had never heard of converting a closet into a home office until I visited my crafty friend Laura.

Laura is the mom of 7 year old identical triplet boys (pictured with my son) and a 2 year old daughter. It’s always an adventure when visiting the triplets… can’t you tell by this photo?? ha!

While the boys ran around like crazy people and our girls played like civilized sweet little things, Laura and I discussed home decor. She was wanting my advice about adding built in shelves to her family room.

Me: Why don’t you just convert that little closet into shelves? That’s easy enough!

Laura: WHAT? NOT MY OFFICE??????

Amy: What are you talking about… office?

Laura: Oh my gosh… have you not seen my office? I can’t believe I haven’t shown you before?

Amy: Huh? Where could an office be?

Laura then opens the closet door to reveal this… a tiny space full to the brim with papers, a printer and yes shelves with her lap top!

Amy: Ha ha ha! I can’t believe this is an office? It’s tiny? How can you move in here????

Laura: I fit perfect…It’s my hide out! I can shut the door and NOBODY knows I’m here. Hee!

Amy: Like a safe room.

Laura: YES! We can’t ever get rid of this room!!! I would just DIE!

Amy: This REALLY is a great idea! I want one too!! This is going on my blog for sure.

Laura: Oh no… wait until I clean it up please. I really need to paint.

Amy: No, it’s awesome just as it is. Plus… you’re a mom of triplet BOYS and a toddler… you’re not allowed to be too neat. We’d all hate you!

Side Note: Laura did find time to make this cute fabric bulletin board after my original photos. Isn’t it cute? I can’t wait to see what it looks like after she paints.

So do you need a safe room… a place of your own to hide out in?

Apartment Therapy Unplugged has a tutorial on how to turn a closet into an office in a weekend! If you have one, let me know…. I’d love to see photos.

Having a hidden space would sure work for me!

Did you know Kristen at We are that Family is now hosting Works For Me Wednesdays? I bet she’s excited:-) Rocks in My Dryer passed on the torch. Head over there and post what works for you. (Check out the fun silhouettes I drew for her new site too:-)

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Photo credit: Apartment Therapy

UPDATE: My friend Dot just sent me this photo of her daughter’s room. They converted a closet into a homework area. Great idea!

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  1. An excellent children’s office, its advantage compared to an adult is that it does not need to be served. ha ha ha 🙂

  2. Wow… I want this!!! I read on the magazine that we can use a closet with bi-fold doors to be an home office. But my only bi-fold door closet is in front of the big mirror and the sink! Besides I’d prefer the idea that I can literally walk inside and close the door!

    And after seeing your pics, however, I’m truly thinking about turning my other tiny walk-in closet in my bedroom into an home office… although I will have to think about where to put all that clothes… 😛

    I don’t have kids yet but my house is small! I am using my guest bedroom as an office now. But it’s so embarrassing when there’re relatives coming over to stay overnight. I work from home (I sell stuff online) and always have so many stuff lying around the home office/ guest room. No matter how I tried to clean it up, it’s just useless (well unless I can spend thousands of dollars for some built-in wall unit or something). I just have no way to hide them! I always dream of having my own space! Besides, if I want to have kids in the future, I am definitely going to turn the spare bedroom into a nursery.

    Hm… I wish I could see more pictures about these ‘home offices’ here. It’s so inspiring! I actually wonder if I can put the ‘entrance’ of my walk-in closet from outside the bedroom and close another one. It can enlarge the room a few more sq ft. Also that will leave me a big wall inside the bedroom for a wardrobe or something… hm… wish I can do that!

    Thanks for your inspiring photos!

  3. What a great way to use a space. We don’t even have closets in Germany. It’s really weird.
    That blue color in the closet office you show is great. And you never have to worry about messy papers.

    Katie @makingthishome.com’s last blog post..Setting Up a Filing System in a Foreign Country

  4. Oooh, I love this idea!! But man, I love my big huge desk, too.

    But being able to shut the door might cancel the desk out, LOL.

    Keli’s last blog post..Ariel

  5. Great timing! This is # 1 on my “next project” list. I have a walk in closet that I’m going to turn into a craft space/office. Praying I get stuff off of the kitchen table!!!! I cannot wait to have a place for my fun stuff.

  6. I used to have a closet like this when I was a little girl! I absolutely loved it!

    Oh, how I wish I had a free closet to hide in now! I wonder which one I could spare now…

    Raise Them Up’s last blog post..Star Wars

  7. Yes! When I’m feeling overwhelmed with my 2 kids… I just call Laura and I feel much better! ha!! Triplets, especially wild boys are CRAZY! But they are super funny. Always a good story!

  8. That’s such a GREAT idea!! I’ve seen it done a few times, but don’t know anyone who’s done it!! Laura’s looks GREAT!!

    My niece has triplets (2 girls 1 boy) I don’t know how those mom’s do it!! – actually my little niece Sophie that I featured in my B&W submission this week, is the little sister to the triplets!!


    Tidymom’s last blog post..I ? Faces -Black & White

  9. I took over part of our storage room in our basement for my craft room and I love it!!! It’s like my little hideout and I can go in there with my ipod, laptop, and do my papercrafting, scrapbooking, etc and have some “me” time. My boys love to go in there and work now too and it’s ok with me as long as it’s not during MY time! LOL

    Kelly’s last blog post..This Kid

  10. Several years ago we converted my daughter’s little closet into a desk area. We live in a cape cod so the ceiling drops down in her room, leaving a very short closet.

    I will take a photo so you can see – it works great for a child who doesn’t have a spacious bedroom at all. I’ll send you the pic!

    Dot O’s last blog post..I Heart Faces – B/W Entry

  11. I’ve seen this idea before and I just love it! I’m thinking of the spare bedroom closet for mine someday…right now I’m in the dining room to be central for the kids, but when they get a bit older I’m so doing this.

    Barbara’s last blog post..WW Enough Already

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