Kid Job Application for Chores - Unique Idea! Free Printable Chore Chart by Living Locurto

If you have kids, then you should LOVE this free printable “Job Application Chore Chart” I created for kids.

I have been trying to figure out a new way of getting my children to do extra chores and when my friend’s son came home from school with an application for classroom jobs… I just had to make one for my house!!

Basically, this is a job application for chores beyond my children’s normal duties of cleaning their room and picking up toys. I feel like they should do everyday chores as a part of our family, but should learn what it’s like to be in the “real world” by getting paid to do specific jobs. I have used the Dave Ramsey book and a chore chart to teach them about money, which I still LOVE, but needed to change it up a bit.

This application has jobs that will work for both preschoolers and grade school aged kids. It lets them choose their own jobs and you set the time period and how much they will get paid.

Just download and read it… I think you’ll enjoy it. I sure had fun making it!!

If you were wondering about the job “Speaker of the House”…. it’s to try to get my son to open up more about his day. So far, he has NOT picked that job yet. ha!

Here are a few job description samples:

Kid Job Application for Chores Living-Locurto

Click a link below to download and print:

Please comment below if you plan to use this. I would also love if you came back to tell me how it’s going for you.  Thanks- Amy


Originally published on September 7, 2010. Last Updated on July 20, 2014 by Amy Locurto

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