An amazing 2 minute at home DIY Face Lift. Before and after photos using a must-have beauty product for aging skin.

DIY at Home Face Lift Beauty Treatment.


Do you have drooping skin? I’m over 40 now and can say a BIG yes to this! It’s no fun right? I rarely talk about beauty products here at Living Locurto, but this DIY face lift you can do at home is a secret I think you might like to know!

2 minute diy face lift at home

DIY Face Lift Beauty Device

A few years ago, I went on a special birthday trip to Sonoma, California with my girlfriends and treated myself to a facial. The woman doing my facial asked if I wanted to try a new product they just got from Europe that lifts your skin. Of course I did!

To my surprise, it wasn’t a cream, but a product called NuFace that used a microcurrent to freeze my face and neck muscles as she used the gadget in an upward motion to pull up my skin.

DIY at home facelift - Nu Face


After finishing one side of my face with the NuFace device, she gave me a mirror so I could see the difference. I couldn’t believe it! One side was firmer looking and my double chin was much less double.

I didn’t care how much this thing was, I just bought it! It was not in stores back then and there were no commercials about it either.

As I got back to my hotel room, my friends laughed at me as I made them lie down and used it on their faces.


For the past 7 years, I have been using this product before I go some place special or notice my face looking extra droopy.

I have seen no crazy side affects, so feel comfortable writing about it. This is not sponsored by NuFace. They have no idea who I am, I’m just telling you as a friend because the holidays are coming up and you might want to ask for something different for Christmas!

I have been telling friends for years about this, and now I can send them to my blog to see actual results with my photo.


That is me with no make-up after using NuFace on the left side of my face. (Your right in this photo).

I tried to stand in the exact same spot, with the same expression so you could see the difference. There is nothing Photoshopped at all. Just all me!

I circled the lines and sections of my eye that show the most difference after using the gadget on my left side. The more days you do it, the better it gets. Pretty cool huh?

An amazing 2 minute at home DIY Face Lift. Before and after photos using a beauty product.

I’d love for my eyebrows to actually match in height, but they just don’t. Using the NuFace Microcurrent Toner on my left droopy side, actually helps a lot! This and bangs. ha!

Now you know my secret.

Have you used this before?

I’d love to hear about your favorite beauty products.

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  1. I just have the box that came with gadget, the gel and toning mist. If you run out of gel, then you will need more to make it work. I haven’t tried the booster, I’ll have to check that out!

  2. Thanks for the information. I went onto Amazon, and it’s asking if I want the gel primer and the booster. Did you buy these products as we’ll?
    You look great!

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