Living Locurto Studio Tour

Living Locurto Studio Tour! Beautiful modern work space.

I’m so excited to take you on a tour through the new Living Locurto Studio! After working from home for nearly 15 years, I finally decided to make the leap to move into an office space of my own just for work.

Having my own studio space is something that I have dreamed about for years. After starting to do more video’s for my blog, and filling my house with more and more work supplies, it was a must move. Now, it’s such a relief to finally be able to leave equipment like tripods, props, cameras and lights set up without having to worry about kids knocking them over. Whew!

I know my family is happy to have most of my junk out of the house too. Notice I said “most”, yep… there is still a ton to move. Remember, it’s been 15 years. I’m actually really scared to go into my home office closet to organize that beast! If you work from home, you probably no doubt have a scary closet yourself. ha!

Living Locurto Studio Tour! Beautiful modern work space.

The studio decor has been a work in progress for several months, but I’m happy to say the main work and lounge areas are finished. Yay! The craft room/office will take a lot longer to organize as I have so many supplies and need to find it all stashed around my house. ha!

I’m super excited to show you all of the details! I hope you enjoy the tour…

My favorite parts are the big windows and natural light. If you follow me on Instagram, then you have seen some of my progress through photos. It sure looks different from the day I moved in!

Living Locurto Studio Tour! Beautiful modern work space.

I was inspired for the studio’s colors by the Wayfair’s hot pink room at Alt Summit. After walking in their gorgeous room, I knew that was the style I wanted!

Wayfair Room Alt SummitSo I began planning the look with a Pinterest Board for inspiration and ideas. I decided on doing mostly white with pops of bright colors and fun bold patterns.

When it was time to move into my new space, I was so happy that Wayfair partnered with me on some of the decor. It’s so fun decorating with something for JUST for me in mind. Plus, I had been eyeing Wayfair’s acrylic coffee tables for months! Now I finally had a place to put one:-)

The coffee table is very light and easy for me to pick up and move when I need to take photos near the window. I love how modern it makes the space! Very different from my home.

Living Locurto Studio Tour! Beautiful modern work space.

I also needed a table to use for photos and entertaining. I wanted a large table, but the studio is not that big. When I found a folding table at Ikea, it was the perfect fit!

I have this table near the windows so when I need to do photos or videos, I can pull out one side of it and work. The natural light from the windows is perfect for photos. I plan on getting another one of these tables for my desk and the kid’s rooms because I love it so much.

Living Locurto Studio Tour! Beautiful modern work space.

I had some antique yellow metal chairs from a flea market find years ago and knew I wanted to use them in the studio. I still needed more seating for parties and guests, but I didn’t want to spend a lot on seating.

These fun yellow ottomans ended up being so perfect! I didn’t realize that they were indoor/outdoor material until they were delivered, but was pleasantly surprised! Now I don’t have to worry about spills. I plan on getting more of these ottomans for my home patio for sure.

Living Locurto Studio Tour! Beautiful modern work space.

Along with the lounge area, I have a beautiful kitchen. This is what I’m the most excited about as all of those cabinets are just for storing party supplies and my photo props. Heaven to a creative DIY blogger!

You can see my first video in the kitchen here. Yay!

Living Locurto Studio Tour! Beautiful modern work space and kitchen.

I’ll be bringing my kids over here a lot and wanted to make them feel comfortable. So of course, I have hung their art around the place and to make it extra fun, stocked it with candy! Oh, they love coming to visit now and are actually be very well-behaved compared to home:-)

Living Locurto Studio Tour! Beautiful modern work space.

I ended up getting the Gold Mirror Serving Tray from Target that I had been eyeing and my daughter is very happy to have her art displayed on it! Oh, and if you are wondering about the pink flowers… they are fake from Ikea! Gotta love Ikea:-)

Living Locurto Studio Tour! Beautiful modern work space.

I designed a lot of the art work that I hung on the walls and made it available for Living Locurto Exclusive Members to print for their own homes! Not a member yet? Click here to learn more.

Living Locurto Studio Tour! Beautiful modern work space.

Living Locurto Studio Tour! Beautiful modern work space.

I wrote about my DIY Photo Booth Background wall here. I love this space for photos!

Easy homemade DIY Photo Booth Background idea!

I saved my favorite room for last…. the disco bathroom! Yes, there is a disco ball in my bathroom. Nothing but fun over at the Living Locurto Studio!! ha! You can get your own disco ball online or at Ikea.

Living Locurto Studio Tour! Beautiful modern work space.


Shop the Living Locurto Studio

Want to decorate your home with some items that I found? Just click the links below to shop! I got most items from Wayfair and Ikea.

Living Locurto Studio Tour! Beautiful modern work space.

So what do you think?

I’m planning to work on my craft room this summer, so if you have any great organizing ideas, I’d love to hear!


*A big thanks to Wayfair for sending me some great products for my studio. 

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About Amy Locurto

Amy is a creative mom of two and graphic designer. When she's not working on Living Locurto, she's busy designing Printable Party Supplies and working on I Heart Faces, her photography blog. Find Amy on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram.


  1. Kim Kerkhoff says:

    What color of paint did you use on your walls? I LOVE them! Well, I love the whole space but I really love the wall color. lol

  2. Please tell ME where you found all The paints?

  3. I absolutely love it!!! It’s beautiful, Amy!

  4. Oh, Amy! This is SO dreamy! I currently have my craft room in a window-less room in the basement, so I’m constantly, CONSTANTLY running trays of everything up to the main floor for my photos shoots – not to mention, despite having a large craft area, I usually have my daycare kids DO their crafts on the main floor so I can get great photos. lol I would give my right arm for a gorgeous space with natural lighting. Good for you for finally rewarding yourself with this. You deserve it!

  5. Thanks Rachel Sharp!

  6. Thanks so much Susan Noble!

  7. Thanks Keisha Sibert! I keep pinching myself each time I walk in there. It's a dream come true for sure:-)

  8. Amy Locurto says:

    Thanks Christie Burnett! I'm loving it!

  9. Christie Burnett says:

    It is fabulous, Amy, just wonderful :)

  10. I love your space. Beautiful!

  11. I LOVE it Amy! So many special and unique touches. Gorgeous! :)

  12. Adorable decor!

    I was just wondering where you purchased the small side table (white/wooden legs)? I noticed there wasn’t any information for this item :-(

  13. Keisha Sibert says:

    Cute! Cute! Cute!!!!! I love everything!

  14. i love love love it Amy, it’s beautiful so envious but yet so thrilled for you. Enjoy it you surely have earned it and deserve it all!

  15. Susan Noble says:

    i love love love it Amy, it's beautiful so envious but yet so thrilled for you. Enjoy it you surely have earned it and deserve it all!

  16. Elsandra Mostert Gouws says:

    Love it!! Wish my office was so colourful!

  17. I’m taking baby steps … working on moving from a small corner in my living room to an actual area of my house :) It’s a big deal for me and I think your drop leaf table is “just” the thing I’ve been looking for. Thanks for sharing!

  18. I think I need to come and visit pronto!!! It’s stunning Amy, and how could you not be creative in here. Can’t wait to see where this takes you. Great job my friend

  19. That’s awesome! Is it close by? I need to build a commercial kitchen for my business……hmmmm

  20. Nothing like a place where you can actually get away and be inspired. You did a great job with it Amy :) Looking forward to seeing all your work from this space! XOXO

  21. How wonderful for you! What a great space!!

  22. I love your space, Amy! It looks amazing! When’s the studio-warming party? :)

  23. LOVE it!!!

  24. Tonya Staab says:

    It looks absolutely amazing Amy. Gorgeous.

  25. Looks fabulous and like it was fun to pull together!

  26. LOVE it!

  27. It’s so beautiful and completely YOU…I love it Amy!!

  28. Aunt Amy, I LOVE It!!!!!!! You’ve earned it. Now I want to move out of my brand new HOME office. HA! Nathan would die….he did just finish my video studio in the basement…so…. Peyton likes the kitchen part best and Chloe likes the “dance globe” in the bathroom best. Love ya!

  29. It looks amazing! I’m in love with those ottomans!!!

  30. Your studio makes me cheery. Congratulations, you deserve a place that is your very own. AG

  31. I LOVE it Amy!! I can’t believe that futon is from Walmart! I’m looking to do our basement similar to this look – thanks for all the sources, I love Wayfair

    • Thanks Cheryl! I love the modern look which is very different from my home. This simple and modern style would be great for your basement. I’m going to work on my kid’s playroom next. Thinking I need another one of those futons!

  32. Looks wonderful! :)


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