Girls Night Free Party Printables

I’m always on the lookout for fast and easy drink recipes for parties, and one of my favorite things is making margaritas for a girl’s night in. (I’m from Texas… I think the margarita is our state drink right?)

Because it’s Monday, I’m giving you a gift…

Along with new Free “Girl’s Night” Party Printables, you get a HOT fireman serving up yummy margaritas with an adorable kitten. No, it’s not a joke, or a dream either! ha!  It’s a fun video that I was asked to get your opinion about.

I was an art director for many years, so I love the fact that a company is reaching out and asking for my reader’s thoughts on a new ad campaign. That doesn’t happen very often here at Living Locurto, so I hope you’ll play along and join in on the conversation!

All you have to do is watch this short video and let me know your opinion in the comment section below.

There is a random moment in the middle that you won’t want to miss! Ha! Let me know if you figured out what moment I am talking about in the comments:-)

 Watch as a fireman serves up a Sauza margarita recipe that you won’t forget!

What were your thoughts on the video?

  • What did you like best (fireman, kitten, easy recipe all of the above?)
  • Did you like the humor? No… yes?
  • Were you inspired to try this recipe or were you distracted by the eye candy? I have to admit, I had to watch it a few times to make sure I got the recipe correct. hee!

Please leave your comment below.

Fireman Making Sauza Tequila Margarita

Download the Free Girl’s Night Party Printables and try Sauza for a fun and refreshing margarita night!

You’ll need the Free Adobe Acrobat Reader to edit the invitation.  For personal use only. ©2012

Drink Responsibly. Sauza Blue® Tequila, 40% alc./vol. ©2012 Sauza Tequila Import Company, Deerfield, IL.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Sauza Tequila Import Company. All opinions about this product are my own.

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  1. Loved it! The hot fireman, the cute kitten, the cheesy music.
    I loved the missing shirt bit, except that it was too short a peek! (ha!)
    I think that maybe the length could be cut down, and maybe the Paris reference cut out. Don’t want to have to concentrate on an ad.

  2. I liked the cheesiness. I didn’t think the fireman was that hot, but I think I’m in the minority there. πŸ™‚ I’m pretty sure I’m also ADD so the video could be a little shorter. But, overall, really fun!

  3. A little over the top and cheesy, but, I’m definitely thirsty for that margarita after watching the hot fireman. The drink recipe sounds really good and easy to prepare.

  4. To over the top; trying to hard. He would have looked a lot better without dirt on his hands and face. His voice seemed fake; find somebody who sounds sexy naturally. To staged; firetruck sitting in a room with white floors and walls? Needed to look more natural and not so staged. Made me not want to buy the product. Surely they can do better than that.

  5. Funny. Don’t love the kitten but the drink sounds good and legging comments were hilarious!

  6. Loved it! thought it was the perfect amount of cheesy, hotness and yumminess (both the fireman and the recipe). Wish he was around for my last girls night!

  7. Somewhat on the corny side and a little stiff…but the eye candy is definitely a hit…not a cat lover at all… it’s cute and all but doesn’t get to me..the recipe is what is in all the restaurants right now…the mexican one we go to has it and calls it a mexican bulldog : )

  8. Heh! Yes, the spot is funny. Could the random moment be his missing shirt while he is pouring/stirring and the next moment his shirt is back on?

  9. I actually like the recipe…but not the fireman. Girls’ night out is supposed to be about enjoying girlfriends…not being “rescued.” Shirtless surprise was a little…blah.

  10. Loved it, kitten in the beret was adorable , I totally agree the shirt needs stay off, hubba hubba. Great video to show at your girls night out for laughs, thanks for your awesome ideas as always Amy!

  11. I thought the video was well done with a good use of humor! I had to watch it a second time as I swore the fireman had his shirt off at one point. Made me miss the next couple of lines as I fixated on that. The kitten was adorable with it’s blue eyes matching the tequila bottle label. I know the water & tequila proportions are diff. for each person’s taste, but I tend to need more exact measurements for my drinks to come out right.

  12. Cute ad had to watch 3 times. Now for my next girls night, I’ll need your party printables, Sauza Blue Tequila for Marguritas and a kitten, but where do I get that fireman!

  13. Hilarious.

    I’m feeling all tingly…

    Fireman speaking French? I am sold.

    I will absolutely use that recipe.

    I think I need to watch it one more time.. just to be sure I caught it all….

  14. I love a beer in my margarita. We call them lager-itas. This reminds me that I’m out of Sauza and its time to go stock up in the next county over!!

  15. Loved it, all of it! I immediately thought of sending to my book club gals. Whenever I host, it’s margaritas, so this would be perfect. Wasn’t too distracted. I don’t like cats, but found the kitten super cute and a funny touch especially now that cats are the “thing” with Ceelo Green on the Voice. My only constructive comment was how much Sauza are we supposed to use…a whole limeade can? That’s crazy, right?? Thanks, Amy for the back- to-school-after-Spring Break-Monday morning pick me up!

  16. Liked the short commercial. Reminds me of the old spice commercial. Cheesy but so funny! Thank you so much for the cool printables Amy!

  17. Great “intellectual” commercial…really, it is with all the word play. The beginning was a little long, the kitten was a distracting (needed?), but overall, a great commercial.

    I’d never use the recipe because I abhor beer, but I do remember the recipe.

  18. I liked the humor and of course he is hot and loved his shirt off, not sure about the cat either. Definitely would remember the recipe, think it needs some triple sec too.

  19. Loved the humor, loved the pacing. loved the kitten in the beret. I think I could remember the recipe easily enough. If not, it’s not because the fireman was distracting but because I have a mind like a sieve.

    And yes, I most definitely noticed that moment in the middle when he was missing his shirt in one shot and it was back in the next!

  20. @Lana,
    When I click the link it doesn’t open but asks me where I want to save it on my desktop. Try right clicking on the link and saving it to your desktop. Be sure to open it in the free Adobe Acrobat to edit the details. Thanks!

  21. Amy,
    What am I doing wrong or what don’t I have on my computer to open the Girls night out invitation? I was able to open the other 2 with no problem. – – Recipe looks good enough to try! – – Thanks for the printables!

  22. I liked the ad. At first when I noticed his shirt was off, I thought that might just be the beginning of more to come off. Ha, ha, ha. The kitty was cute. The recipe reminded me of one we used to make, but we didn’t add the beer. We’ll try that next time.

  23. I thought the video clip was incredibly cheesy; especially the fireman. I could do without the cat as well. While the recipe was easy, I prefer Triple Sec to light beer.

  24. Through all the cheesiness, that was entertaining! It had all the necessities: Hot fireman, what sounds like a fantastic drink option (I’ll be trying that one out soon), a kitten (though, I think the kitten at the beginning was cute, but maybe a tad overplayed) and humor. Now the question really is, will I remember the alcohol they are selling? Yep, Sauza!

  25. @Gale,
    I think that’s what I liked about it in the end… that it was super cheesy. ha! Oh and yes, the shirt on, then randomly off. Pretty funny!

  26. The kitten seemed a little odd and out of place………the eye candy was a nice little treat this morning! The recipe sounds delicious too!

    The whole thing was cheesy, but cute and funny

  27. Enjoyable! I loved: kitten in a beret!, the stages of undress as he makes the recipe, the overall humour that a man understands & cares about things women think about (leggings? Come on, that’s funny). I don’t partake, so I won’t make the recipe, but it’s way easier than I imagined.

  28. WOW!!! I loved this video! What a HOT FIREMAN!! I paid more
    attention to him then the recipe. He should do the whole video
    with his shirt OFF!!! I love the little hat on the kitten’s head,that
    was cute!!

  29. Cheesy, cheesy, but hilarious! How could you not notice the missing shirt in the middle. However, the kitten needs to go, I found that a bit creepy!

  30. HELLO cute fireman! I laughed when he talked about jeggings and pant peggings.
    Those printables are super cute too!

  31. What a hoot! I think he should have done the whole video without his shirt on! The kitten is adorable and adds to the commercial. Curious about trying the recipe.

  32. I love the video!! I will try the recipe, but I must admit that I was distracted by the delicious eye candy. I’m not a huge cat the kitten didn’t do much for me. Had it been a puppy, that would have been even cuter!
    Thanks for sharing.

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