Duct Tape Purse Tutorial

After getting several rolls of Zebra Duck Tape from Michael’s. I’ve been on a tape craft craze! These fun ideas from Tip Junkie’s girls craft camp have my creative juices flowing for sure now.

Laurie is a real life friend of mine, who has ALL boys and I know how much fun she had making these girly things. The bracelets are my favorite. Stick duct tape to some paper and add velcro for a fun and easy accessory!

Duct Tape Bracelets - Tip Junkie Tutorial

It wouldn’t be Tip Junkie without a bow of course! I don’t think I’ve seen her without one???

Duct Tape Bow - Tip Junkie Tutorial

Find the tutorials on how to make these crafts on Tip Junkie.com:


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  1. i am having a contest at school and i dont know what do for it and i want to made it very good do you have any sugestions for me

  2. i made a nice hair accerosy with duct tape i used only a little amount. you will need 1. small amount of duct tape 2. bobby pin 3. scissors
    SOunds very simple well it is you make a small bow and then tape it onto the bobby pin please make sure edges are down so u dont get ur hair pulled out! Please tell me ur reviews at haleyjomarie99@aol.com

  3. We recently used Duct Tape to make a Duct Tape Dummie.

    My daughter put on an old t-shirt, we wrapped her mummy style, then cut it up the back.

    Stuffed it with old pillows, sealed it up, and it’s her own personal dress form!

    We named it Darla.

    I don’t know why.

  4. My daughter was trying to tell me about these and I was like, “that does not sound cool….” but they are so cute!!! I must show her this! 🙂

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