Meet my new best friend… an online chore chart.

Like many of you, I’ve tried a lot of different ideas to get my kids to work around the house while also teaching them the value of a dollar. I’ve used posters, magnetic boards, the reward jar and even made a funny job application to get them excited about chores. Some worked, some didn’t, and none of them have gotten my son as excited about doing chores than .

I had to tell you about this cool new website. Seriously, my son LOVES to finish a chore now and track his progress. He’s a computer nerd so the online chore thing is right up his alley. (Mmm… wonder where he got that from?)

Easy & Free to Use

The tool is super easy and took me about 5 minutes to set up each kid’s chores. You can print out their chore chart and they can log-in themselves and check off any chores that they do. I get an email at the end of the day letting me know what they accomplished.

The coolest part is when he’s done with ALL of his chores and has checked them off in his dashboard… he gets a round of applause! It makes him so proud that he wants to do it again!! I wish I had an applause sound bite after completing my to-do list:-)

Points & Rewards

Each chore has a point value that you can set. So if you have competitive kids like me, they will love seeing who can get the most points. ha! They can earn money or rewards per point, it’s up to you. Just customize it how ever you like. I can’t believe this is free! I would seriously pay for it:-)

My son can’t wait to pick out rewards that I set up for him. You can even choose items from Amazon. We have 100 points set to getting dessert after dinner all the way up to 2,000 points for the new Lego Star Wars Wii game and that is his BIG motivation for doing chores right now.

There is even a cool “Share” your points section that teaches them about giving to charity. They will be able to shop with their points for their rewards or give to charity.

The whole site is set up fantastic and very kid friendly, even Suze Orman has endorsed it.


You can watch the video, How Works, to get a summary of the entire site. But it’s so easy that you’ll probably just want to go directly to and get started. It’s free, simple to use and your kids will actually look forward to doing their chores.

I also love the sweet notes I get from my son…

My Job Chart


Thanks to My Job Chart for being a sponsoring Living Locurto! I love their site and they have really made my life a lot easier. Hope you’ll tell your friends.

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Let me know if you’ve tried this in the comment section. If so, what’s been your favorite part?



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  1. Thanks for the info! I had used one in the past and it cost $ and was not as complete as this one. This one is even better…in my opinion…because is so helpful with keeping up with the rewards and the connection with parents. I also love how it allows and encourages the kiddos to spend, save AND share. Thanks for the tip. Your post was to timely for me! I might have to blog on it once we get started. 🙂

  2. I was LITERALLY just searching for chore charts yesterday and even searched your site for some printables and funny you post this today! How timely! I can’t wait to check this out and start using it for my almost 6 year old baby girl. Thanks for sharing!

  3. OK, I showed the LOLadies (my 9yo little old lady twins), and they are in LOVE with My Job Chart. Perhaps a little too much. They completed all their chores in record time tonight, and have sent me no less than five messages each. This is going to be FUN, and I’m sure life-changing for my household. Thanks again, Amy!!

  4. Thank you SO much for mentioning this site/service. I just finished setting up our account and can’t wait to show the kiddos tonight. They are going to LOVE this!!!

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