How to Paint an Exterior Door | Tree House Porch Makeover

Tree House Porch Makeover. How to Paint an Exterior Door in a few simple steps!

Spring is here and I’m happy to show you my quick tree house porch makeover that I worked on over the weekend. I painted the door in four easy steps and will walk you through how I did it today.

If you haven’t seen our tree house yet, hop on over and get the full tour here.

All winter, the tree house has been used for a boy fort. I was shocked to go inside to find 6 giant Nerf guns, toys and furniture moved all over the place (mostly to block the door from the opposite team) and the floor covered in leaves! The door was practically kicked down and there were even boy sized muddy foot prints all over it. Little boys are wild!

I felt bad knowing my daughter and her little friends had been playing in that mess. Since the boys have been using the tree house for this long, I decided to clean it up and make it a nice place for the girls. It took me much longer to sweep the floor than it did to paint the door!

Tree House Porch Makeover. How to Paint an Exterior Door in a few simple steps!

The only thing that was going to help the poor tree house door was a fresh coat of paint! It used to be a dingy white and now I love the new bright blue color. It’s perfect for spring.

I just hope now I can keep the boys from kicking it, then all will be good! Maybe I should make a “No Kicking Door or Else!” sign and hang it from the pink flamingo’s neck. ha!

Painting the tree house door was quick and much easier than I though it would be! The before and after photos below are fun to look at and now I’m on a “paint the door” kick, wondering which door in my home to paint next.

How to Paint an Exterior Door

How to Paint an Exterior Door | Easy Front Porch Makeover

As you can see my door was pretty dirty and nasty! So first of all you will want to clean the door with soap and water. I wasn’t able to get all of the dirt off, but the paint covered it all up with no problem.

What you will need:

I used Valspar Duramax Paint + Primer, Semi-Gloss from Lowes. The paint color is Sea Breeze. Make sure to tell the person mixing your paint that it is for an exterior door, so they will get you the correct paint.

How to Paint an Exterior Door. Front Porch Makeover.

After the door dries from washing it, cover the door knob and any other hardware with the painter’s tape. I used my Exacto knife to trim the excess tape around each item. Put a drop cloth or old sheet under the door.

Paint around the taped areas with your foam brush, then paint inside the creases of the door that the roller brush won’t be able to get.

How to Paint an Exterior Door | Easy Front Porch Makeover

Start painting at the top of the door and work your way down. I love that the primer and paint is all in one. One coat was all I needed! The paint dried quickly too. It rained that night and everything looked fresh and pretty the next day.

Here is the before tree house photo…

Tree House Porch Makeover. How to Paint an Exterior Door in a few simple steps!

The after tree house photo.

I love it! Also note that I painted the swings blue and pink. I painted the flower pot on the porch with that same pink.

Tree House Porch Makeover. How to Paint an Exterior Door in a few simple steps!

I’m still working on the inside, but I can’t wait to show it to you! It’s going to be super cute and party ready soon!!

What do you think of the new blue door?

After I had all of these colors and products in my cart, I realized it looked a lot like my Pool Party Collection! I will have to use some of it to decorate the inside for sure.

Pool Party Printable Collection by

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  1. Celia Swoboda says:

    what color did you use on the basic house portion?

  2. Silly question…but did you paint side to side or long strokes up and down? I have a front door that I'm considering painting — it is wood grain though. I've never painted a door before, but I'm assuming I should paint up and down to follow the woodgrain??

  3. I love the new look. It’s amazing what a little color can do! Now I’m itching to paint something… :)

  4. I LOVE the door, Amy! And I adore your playhouse! You know what’s crazy? I have a bench we never use, and I was wondering if I could remove the legs and turn it into a swing! Looks like it might just be an option for me!

  5. That tree house is so much fun, love that new door color!

  6. What color is that blue? So fresh!!

  7. Perfect…I think I need to add a swing to our tree-house. Thanks for sharing

  8. Love the blue door and love the whole tree house – what a magical, fun place to play!


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