Days of the Week Closet Tags – Organize Kids for School

Getting organized for school and ready for my kids daily routines is a huge help for a busy mom like me.

Get organized for school with cute tags to help kids get dressed in the morning!

I love this idea that I came up with to help keep my kids organized and ready for school. It’s been a lifesaver! No more stressful mornings and my kids learned their days of the weeks from a very small age.

We chose clothes for each day of the week and hung them on a low rack for the kids to reach. Then I designed some cute tags to hang on each outfit. Each tag has the day of the week.


Get organized for school with cute tags to help kids get dressed in the morning!

Here is a photo of my son’s closet from when he was in kindergarten. We still do this and he is now going in the 5th grade!

The night before school, my he takes the outfit off the hangers and puts it on the floor by his door. This way he won’t forget to get dressed before coming downstairs. We usually make silly poses with the clothes and that makes it even more fun!

This is also perfect for my daughter, because she can go a little crazy on the layering and causes much less decision making stress in the morning! I designed the pastel pinks and purple tags for her closet.

Please visit my shop to buy these fun printables in primary or pastel colors.

Get organized for school with cute tags to help kids get dressed in the morning!

**IMPORTANT** If you have clicked here from a site featuring this as a free printable, sorry that freebie has been expired since 2010 (I created this design in 2008 and my readers enjoyed it free for over an entire year). You can purchase the tags here now at a very affordable price. – Thank you!

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  1. @ReemBakran @D_madi .. days of the week tags .. easy to make, wt do u think

  2. I’m so disappointed… I saved the link a long time ago but didn’t actually print these. I just now came back and I’m sad they are no longer free.


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