Lego Birthday Party

Lego Birthday Party Ideas and Fun Party Printables!

My son’s Lego® Birthday Party was so much fun! I’m happy to share our fun day with you!

Everyone loved the Fun Party Printables I designed! Each boy carefully chose their favorite figurine cupcake toppers when it was time for cake!

NOTE: LEGO® and the Brick and Knob configurations are trademarks of the LEGO Group of Companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this product. Photos by Amy Locurto.

Fun Food Ideas

I made Lego crackers by cutting small circles out of cheese with my cake frosting tips and attaching them to crackers with cream cheese. But the most popular treat was the cheap cheese balls! That giant vase was gone very fast.

Lego Birthday Party Ideas and Fun Party Printables!

And of course these Lego Cake Pops were a big hit and later made all over the world for boy’s parties:-)

I put them in a bucket full of M&M’s, my favorite candy for decorating. Get directions for making Lego Cake Pops here.

Lego Birthday Party Cake Pops

Mr. Cool had a custom-made birthday shirt with coordinating party colors! I found a cheap shirt at Walmart and made this myself.

Lego Birthday Party Ideas and Fun Party Printables!


Lego Party Games

I started the party by having small Lego kits for the boys to put together until everyone showed up. First they got to make mini figurines by choosing their head, body and weapon!

I also had a jar full of Lego bricks and they had to guess how many to win a prize.

Lego Birthday Party Ideas and Fun Party Printables!

Then it was time for outside games. We started with a Lego Relay Race!

  • I had yellow and red legos mixed in a bowl, each boy selected a Lego to find out what team they were on. So it was Yellow vs. Red! Which my son named Mario Blasters (Red) and Bowser Monsters (Yellow). (Don’t ask me what those names mean??! ha!)
  • Then I put the Lego bricks in bowls by color and placed them at the end of the yard. Each team got a spoon and an empty bowl at the starting point.
  • The goal was to run to the Lego bowl, grab a Lego and run back with the Lego in a spoon and drop it in the empty bowl. The team who filled their bowl first and ran through the finish line won a medal! If they dropped the Lego, they had to start over. It was fun and everyone ended up getting a medal!

Lego Birthday Party Ideas and Fun Party Printables!

Then it was out to the front yard for a Lego Hunt.

I chose 5 colors of Lego bricks and the fewer colors like blue were worth more points. So once they found all of the Legos, they had to do the math to see what their points were. The kid with the most points won a prize!

Lego Birthday Party Ideas and Fun Party Printables!

It’s never a party at our house without a piñata! I enlarged one of the Lego cupcake toppers for this custom piñata.

Lego Birthday Party Ideas and Fun Party Printables!

The boys had a blast!

Lego Birthday Party Ideas and Fun Party Printables!


The little sisters had a blast too! To entertain them, I had a bowl of water on a kid table outside with small sponges, droppers and cups. Then paint brushes and paint with water paint books. Girls are easy to entertain!

Lego Birthday Party Ideas and Fun Party Printables!

This was a very easy, laid back party and my son felt extra special that day!

The only thing I made from scratch was the Lego Cake Pops and Lego Crackers. Cupcakes and yummy Lemon Cakes were from Sam’s Club. I only wish I could make the icing look that good myself!!

I designed the Party Printables which you can find in my shop.

Lego Birthday Party Ideas and Fun Party Printables!


About Amy Locurto

Amy is a creative mom of two and graphic designer. When she's not working on Living Locurto, she's busy designing Printable Party Supplies and working on I Heart Faces, her photography blog. Find Amy on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram.


  1. Love it! Where did you have the custom t-shirt made?

  2. KCarlyle says:

    Amazing party stuff! FYI: I went to your Printables by Amy website that sells all this cute Lego-themed stuff and wanted to mention that some girls love Legos too! I immediately thought of my 4 1/2 year old daughter when I initially saw your designs. Although… I am sure she’d question why all the Lego guy faces were boys. We recently got asked why she only had a couple women versus all the men Lego figures! Unfortunately not as many female to male characters.

  3. Grants mom says:

    I love your Lego party ideas! My son Grant really wants a Lego Candle like the one you have on your cupcakes. I was just curious if you made that yourself or if you ordered it somewhere?

  4. Great idea! Congratulations!

  5. These are adorable and SO creative! I am just wondering if you’ve had any problems with copyright issues from Lego?

  6. I was wondering if you sell the template for the lego birthday shirt as well, thanks.

  7. I am so excited to use your printables for my son’s birthday party! Where did you get that great t-shirt for him? did you use those iron-ons with your printable design? Thank you!

  8. I am so in love with these printables!! We were already planning my son’d lego party when I found all these goodies!! The invitations alone made it worth it.

    Quick question – what do you print the water bottle labels on? Did you prnt on lable sheets or just regular paper and tape/glue them on the bottles?


  9. hi there,

    love your photos of your party. how did you make your pinata? i tried searching your site and google but no luck.



  10. Having a Lego party for my son’s 8th birthday. Just made these Lego pops and they turned out great. Decided to go the easy route and use marshmallows, so they quick (quicker) and easy (well, easier) and fun. And they turned out great too! Thanks for sharing your ideas!!

  11. That is such a lovely idea, and the photos are gorgeous. thanks so much for inspiring me with your ideas!

  12. Good blog and good party decoration supplies, i really like it. Good going man, best of luck for the future.

  13. You have just made my day! Thank you for the wonderful Lego party inspiration! My son is Lego-mad and I am giving him a Lego party this year and your ideas are so fabulous! Thank you for sharing them! Vxx

  14. This is REALLY cool. my son would LOVe it!

  15. Fab! RT @livinglocurto: Thanks! RT @hdeviney: Super cute for a Lego Party @livinglocurto: Lego Birthday Party #craft

  16. RT @livinglocurto: Thanks! RT @hdeviney: Super cute for a Lego Party…RT @livinglocurto: Lego Birthday Party #craft

  17. I just purchased your Lego Birthday kit and we are so excited. We just moved and we are inviting all the boys in the class so I can meet all of them. I went on the through the Pick a Brick. I was able to get all the coordinated minifigures for all the boys. Thank you!

  18. I LOVE your Lego party!!! Thanks for the great ideas!! I can’t wait to make the Lego pops :))

  19. Kerri Doubleday says:

    I am throwing a Lego party this saturday for my son’s 7th b-day party and your printables are going to look perfect. I spent the last two weeks going to party stores and researching ideas. Finally I found your website…I love it. Thankyou…you saved me a ton of money and gave me some great ideas.

  20. I just purchased the Lego party set and my son loves it! He is so excited to have his party next month. It is perfect since his favorite color is orange. I was wondering where or how you made the pinata? I would love one too- if you get a chance. Thanks again!

  21. When I click your RSS feed it gives me a bunch of trash, is the issue on my end?

  22. Jenn Post says:

    AMAZING!!! my lil guys bday is this saturday, we are not having a party for him because he wants to go to legoland! guess what kind of party he is getting next year!!! (is there a deadline for when I need to purchase your lego party files?? do they become unavailable after a certain amount of time??) you did a fantastic job! I am a new fan!
    Jenn Post

  23. K…Now how did you make the Pinyata?

  24. I love your ideas! I am going to be purchasing your printable’s and I was wondering where do I get the Mini figurines? Thanks for sharing your cute Ideas!
    Thanks, Brooke

  25. I’m throwing a LEGO party for my son! Where did you have the shirt printed?? I love it!! Any help you have would be awesome!



  26. alicia coppola says:

    I loved your Lego party!


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