Gnome Donuts

Cute no-bake Gnome Donuts to celebrate Sherlock Gnomes a fun, family friendly movie. Easy recipe idea for a woodland or gnome themed party.
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Prep Time: 20 minutes
Servings: 12
Author: Amy Locurto


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  • Juliet: Add chocolate frosting to a decorating bag with a petal decorating tip attached. Pipe on Juliet’s hair. Stick two mini chocolate chips into the donuts sideways as eyes. The curvy tip should look like eye lashes. Add a tiny dot of white icing to a candy lip and place on the donut. Set aside to dry.
    Gnome Donut - Juliet Girl
  • Gnomeo: Squeeze some white icing into a small bowl and add a few drops of yellow. Mix well. With a knife, add yellow icing onto a donut for his hair. Attach a piece of cereal with icing as his nose. Insert two mini chocolate chips for eyes. Pipe on his beard with white icing. Set aside to dry.
    Gnome Donut Gnomeo Boy Blue Gnomes Treat
  • Sherlock: Cut the edges off of a piece of cereal to make his nose. Attach with icing. Insert two mini chocolate chips for eyes. Pipe on his beard with white icing. Add cereal ears and chocolate sideburns. Set aside to dry.
    Gnome Donut Sherlock Gnomes Treat
  • Gnome Hats: Cut paper into about 3”-4” squares and shape into a funnel with the bottom a little bit larger than the width of the donut. Secure with tape and trim to fit. For Sherlock’s hat, cut a curved portion out of the front of the hat and bend.
  • Add colorful drinks to milk bottles and place donuts on the rim. Add straws, gnome hats and serve!


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