5 Easy Recycled Yard Art Ideas

Add some joy to your garden, porch, or yard with these fun  DIY home decor garden craft ideas from repurposed items you probably already have at home.

Golf Ball Lady Bugs

Paint old golf balls to look like lady bugs. This is an adorable idea for any yard!

Vintage Toy Truck Planter

Do you have any old toy trucks that you just can’t part with? Keep them forever in your flower bed as a truck planter.

Boot Bird House

Don’t throw away those old shoes or boots, turn them into a boot bird house! This is such a cute and creative idea by In Envy Designs.

Hubcap Flower Garden

A DIY Hubcap Flower Garden can brighten up any yard!

Mixing Bowl Toad Stools

Make simple mushrooms out of old mixing bowls! Spray paint them colors, add some dots and attach to tree branches.