DIY Gnome Door Hanger Wreath

Dollar Tree Craft

This easy Gnome Door Hanger made with Dollar Tree supplies makes a cute spring wreath craft for your home.

What you need

– 1 Splatter Screen 13" – 1 Cloth Napkin – 1 Piece of Card Board 15" – 2 pieces 8" Craft Fur – 2 Large Pom Poms – 2 Pipe Cleaners – Hot Glue – Artificial Flowers – Pom Pom Ribbon

Step 1

Cut a stocking cap shape from cardboard and hot glue the napkin to the board. Fold the bottom of the napkin up to look like the brim of a cap.

Step 2

Glue a few pieces of craft fur onto the splatter screen, trim and fluff.

Step 3

Add the stocking cap onto the screen and fur with hot glue.

Step 4

Attach a pom pom to the fur for the nose and decorate your Gnome with flowers and ribbon.

Step 5

Add pipe cleaners to the back to hang your Gnome. Secure with duck tape if needed.

Hang on your door and enjoy!