Easy DIY Galaxy Jars

Learn how to make DIY glow in the dark Galaxy Jars.

What You'll Need: – Glitter Glue in Pink,  Purple and Blue – Glass Jars – Battery Operated Votive Candle – Plastic Spoon – Plate – Oven mitts – Microwave

Step 1 Use a plastic spoon to spread different colors of glue around the inside of a glass jar. Coat the jar well, but not too thick.

Step 2 Place the jar into the microwave and set the timer to 40 seconds. CAUTION: The jar will be HOT. Use an oven mitt to remove the glass from the microwave. Let the jar completely cool.

Step 3 Once the jars have cooled, add a battery operated votive candle or glow stick and enjoy looking into the galaxy when it gets dark!