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Water play is always fun and kids love it! This simple idea is an easy way to entertain kids.

Sometimes it’s just WAY too hot to be outside in the Texas heat. Sometimes I like to clean house in peace or check email without a child in my lap:-)

In those cases I whip out a chip and dip serving dish, add water, random kitchen supplies and my kids (3 & 7) are instantly entertained!

My son loves to cut and play with sponges. My daughter likes pouring water through a funnel.

And blowing bubbles!


What is your favorite indoor activity with kids?


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  1. We only get outside to play during the evening hours at our East Texas home. My 3 year old son is going to love this idea. Thank you for sharing.

  2. My kiddies would really enjoy this~thanks so much for posting!!! I’m always looking for neat thing to do in the summertime.

  3. I hear you on the TX heat…..I was there once in Aug. and thought I was going to die.. still don’t know how you ladies stay pretty in that heat.
    Cute idea.

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