My son’s kindergarten teacher is in the National Guard. She flies black hawk helicopters. Very cool, huh?

Tragically, a helicopter from her National Guard unit crashed in Iraq last week killing 7 soldiers.  As part of her obligation – she was tasked with being the Casualty Notification Officer for the wives and parents of the deceased. She received the call around 3 am then had to tell 7 families in one day that their loved one was gone. Can you imagine? My heart goes out to the families of these soldiers and my son’s teacher for having to be the bearer of such horrible news.

That same day, my friend called and had accidentally locked her baby in her car while it was running! Well, her dog hit the lock button with his paw! Luckily, she was able to borrow someone’s cell phone to call for help, because hers was in the running car with the baby and dog! The baby was watching a Thomas the Tank Engine movie and didn’t notice a thing! ha.

Whether it be a life changing tragedy or a small dog creating chaos. It seems we will probably never be prepared for what life throws at us. I am re-assured that through my faith in God, whatever it is, he is there for me.

God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.

Psalm 46: 1

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  1. My heart is breaking just at the thought of such a job. It would take a very special hand-picked by God kind of person and my sentimental heart would immediately disqualify me. May God give her the strength and peace!

    Tammy ~@~

  2. How horribly sad! I cannot even imagine how difficult that must of been for the teacher…and all of those poor families. I’ll be keeping them all in my thoughts and prayers today.

    Angie in OH

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