Who knew the shared love of blackberries would bring two bloggers together? I’m so glad it did!

Blogging is great because it introduces you to new friends from all over the country, but sometimes you find out they are just around the corner in the next town!

I met Allie on Twitter and she seemed super nice, so when she told me she would bring me some wild blackberries… I invited myself to come along and pick them with her:-) Little did I know this was her secret place!! She made me promise not to ever tell… so now I’m a part of a secret blackberry picking club! Yay!

My first day as a member of the club was a fun one! I discovered Allie has boys close to the same age as my kids. They are cute little guys who loved to eat berries… especially right after I would pick them! LOL!

She is also a talented writer and artist. So we have a lot in common (minus the writing part- because I’m horrible at that!). It was refreshing to get to know someone in person other than through the computer.

Needless to say, my drama queen was tired and threw a few fits, so we lost a lot of berries as she threw them on the ground. But I got just enough to make one of these…

Look for new recipe ideas next week, I’m changing up my weekly meal plans. I’ll include a recipe for cobbler soon. I have a few I want to try out with my new berries and then post my favorite!

Visit Confessions of a Screwed Up Texan to read through her story and see more photos from the first club meeting!

Have a great weekend!!


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  1. for any one that in SE ohio. i bought some land. there 5 ac of a 120 ac farm. left to grow up for the last 50 to 60 years. this summer i have found blackbeerys every where as big as marbles picked 10 lbs in 3 days. i have found all 3 typs of berrys. i have a question. i have fousd what looks like a blackberry thickit. the plants have fury stems and long thinnk glossy black thorns. i would love to know what theys are for sure they are not rip yet. as the blackbeerys are veryrip. any ways any one in SE ohio with any interest in blackberrys i have free blackberrys you pick.

  2. That berry crisp looks delicious! I bet it would be just perfect with a scoop of homemade vanilla ice cream on top.

    Oh, and I love meeting “blog friends” in real life. 🙂

    Stephanie’s last blog post..2 Books on My Nightstand

  3. Oh my gosh! The blackberry cobbler looks amazingly yummy. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! How fun to meet a new friend in such a cool way. I always wanted to be in a secret club! I am going to have to see if anyone that reads my blog in my area has a secret club I can join! : ).

    Life with Kaishon’s last blog post..Out of sparklers? WHAT?!?!

  4. YUM!! when I had braces, blackberry pie was the one thing I CRAVED and was the first thing I wanted to eat when I got them off!!!

    Sounds like fun!!


    Tidymom’s last blog post..Linky Love

  5. How fun! That’s really cool that u meet someone IRL that you liked through blogging AND you picked wild blackberries AND you now know the secret spot! I often meet people online through blogging but don’t want to seem like an internet stalker so I probably miss opportunities.

    Looks like a fun day.

    Karin Katherine’s last blog post..Mini jello watermellons

  6. Amy, looks delish! I am actually making a peach cobbler tomorrow but with ole’ canned peaches. We are having company and I wanted to try something new. I’d love to try blackberry cobbler!

    Love the photos, especially the one of you two blackberry pickers!!

    Dot O’s last blog post..Skywatch Friday, Cityscape, #47

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