This is a story about a little girl and her lollipop. Lollipops are the little girl’s favorite treat.



After peeing on the potty, the girl was rewarded with a delicious “pink wallypop”. Pink is her all time favorite color, so this meant the girl was very happy. Her mommy was also happy to have a few moments to herself, when all the sudden the happy girl started screaming! “My pink wallypop, My pink wallyop!” “Rocky noooooooo!!!” Just then the girl’s very fat and furry cat, Rocky who usually moves ultra slow, darted out the room. Mommy came to the rescue, thinking the lollipop had fallen on the floor, was surprised when there was nothing there. The girl looked desperately at her mommy and yelled “Rocky took it!” The cat must have really stolen the lollipop!! Why would a cat want to steal a little girl’s lollipop? 

Turns out this poor kitty didn’t want the lollipop at all, but it had gotten stuck to his fuzzy fur! The little girl and her mother laughed and laughed as the poor cat ran around the house. Finally, the cat was caught and the lollipop removed. The girl got a new lollipop, the mommy got a blog story and everyone lived happily ever after. The end.




Check back tomorrow for the BIG 80’s HAIR CONTEST WINNER!!! You will get a good laugh!



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  1. I really liked this story! Your blog is great! The pic with your daughter is wonderful!

  2. That is so funny! Poor kitty. Today is a day for kitty stories! Can you come decorate my kids rooms…. Please with sugar on top!

  3. Was there any pain to removal of that lollipop?? Poor thing. Times like this when you’re thankful you have the extra candy around!!

  4. I think that sucker should win the “Big Hair” contest! Oh wait…it doesn’t qualify since it’s not the 80’s. 🙂

    Cute story and your daughter is so completely adorable.

    Angie in OH

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