I survived my 5 hour trip to the Oklahoma country this weekend!

I was saved when I found the charger to the DVD player right before we left! YIPPEE. What did our parent’s do without movies? I don’t think highway Bingo would last 5 minutes in my car:-)

Within the first few hours at Grandma’s, my son (yes the older one, NOT the 2 year old) stuck a Lego up his nose. Yep, and of course it got stuck!! WAY up there too!

Did I tell you he’s six years old and still hasn’t figure out how to blow his nose? He’s all about sniffing, not blowing. argh! I guess when you have something stuck that far up your nose, you figure out how to blow out pretty darn fast. Whew!!

One thing we just HAD to do was visit the swinging bridge!

This bridge has been in town since my mom was in grade school.

It’s old, it’s over a river and it swings… what more can I say? Oh… yeah, that I got my second heart attack after the Lego incident.

Later that afternoon we visited my Aunt and fished in her pond.

We sat around the fire and had a wiener roast. Do you call it that where you’re from? We do in Oklahoma.

They had new chickens which the kids had a blast feeding. We laughed because the next time we come visit, we’re sure to have deviled eggs, egg salad and lots and lots of scrambled eggs:-)

Then my aunt brought out her guitar and we sang funny songs. Well, she sang, while my mom and I threw wood on the fire! You’d think I’d remember more of the words to the songs, but I really did not get that musical gene or memory gene for that matter:-)

This one might be my little singer, since everything she touches turns into a microphone. It was so cute watching her listen to her aunt sing.

It was really sweet at the end of the night when I overheard my son say “This is the best day I ever had!” Guess it was worth 10 hours in the car:-)

Hope you had a fun Mother’s Day weekend too!

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  1. Glad to hear you survived! But the trek seems well worth it. A pond? Shaky bridge? Chickens? My kids would love that.

  2. Long ride, scary bridge, animals, and things up the nose…sounds like home =)
    recently I was babysitting my grandson, who stuffed his nose with peas- thought I had them all- {thanks to a baby nose aspirator} when several hours later he sneezed out a couple more…such is life.
    Glad you had a great day.

    Teresa’s last blog post..Make it Pretty-

  3. those pics are so cute! sounds like you had fun.

    a tip for things-up-a-kids-nose, from an ER nurse (my mom, not me): if you hold the non-stuffed nostril closed, then cover the kid’s mouth with yours and blow, the thing (such as a lego) will come out. the pressure from you blowing pushes it out from behind. this is what one of the nurses at our local ER does, and it works much better than when they whip out the forceps, or whatever.

  4. A swinging bridge…how scary, yet exhilerating! I love it when peices of the past of allowed to stand like this. I know you said y’all ate eggs, any chicken? 🙂

  5. Too cute, Amy! Makes me want to head up to P-town for a visit! I love it there in the spring. Brad took ours on the bridge at Christmas & I too had a heart attack….not as fun in your 30’s watching your babies go across, huh?!?!?!?

    I enjoyed reading this!

  6. Ooh, apart from the Lego-up-nose incident (I always live in fear of that – my parents have a friend who was always heading to the ER because his boy kept getting things stuck up his nose), it sounds like a nice trip! I spent part of my childhood in Oklahoma and my folks are still there – a nice place.

    Melissa J. Lee’s last blog post..A Nice Surprise

  7. Oh dear.. I can’t let my Bug Hunter read this, or he’ll be jealous! Especially about the chickens.. for some reason, he is totally fixated on birds right now. He would be in heaven out there in the country! My sis in law lives in Buffalo, OK; it looks like we might just have to plan a visit out there this summer! Thanks for sharing such a special, fun day.. you come from good roots.

    Pam D’s last blog post..I Heart Faces–Week 18–Laughter

  8. What an awesome Mother’s Day you all had together. It sounds peaceful and relaxing (totally unlike my stressed-out project of a day! Ha!)

    Your photos are gorgeous…

    theArthurClan’s last blog post..Surprising Mom.

  9. You know, I have to agree about the portable DVD players. Funny thing is, I was one of *those* people who said that I’d never use one, but then we made a 6-hour trip to the beach without it – and I quickly changed my mind about using them for long trips. 😉

    Beautiful pictures — sounds like you guys had a lot of fun!! My parents have chickens, as well, and my city-raised daughter thinks they are the best things ever.

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