We had a busy weekend! I think I made myself sick by working so late and not getting much sleep all week. So, Sunday I literally crashed and burned. I couldn’t move and had an awful crook in my neck. All I could do was lay on the bed. Oh… all the things I needed to do! But reality set in and sleep is what my body needed.

My husband was so great. He took the kids to church and entertained them all day. Later that afternoon, he had a football watching party with our neighbor and his sons. When I finally rolled out of bed, this is what I saw when I went outside.

Oh yeah, nothing like a white trash party in the front yard! This just shows the difference between when I throw a party and when the hubby plans the event. Wait, no planning involved, just grab some tables and chairs from the garage, order pizza and walla! Notice the garbage bins next to the kid’s table! I’m sure every neighbor who walked by was so jealous they weren’t invited!! ha.

Like our nice outdoor patio flat screen TV? ha!

The hubby makes fun of me for decorating and go all out when I invite friends over. I can’t help it, I love entertaining and making things look nice when I do. I guess I should listen to him sometimes, it doesn’t matter how pretty it looks as long as you’re having fun! It sure looks like they were having fun!!

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  1. This would never happen at my house because my husband doesn’t have any friends.

  2. PS…your body (and God) talks to your in mysterious ways…time to stop and smell the roses and give your body and mind a rest. Amazing what a little relaxation and rest will do for the soul and body!
    You take care of you.


  3. I am still laughing. SO typical hubby/daddy huh? They don’t sweat the small stuff for sure, huh? tee hee hee hee!!!

    Loved your comments on this one!

    Still laughing….
    you made my day!

    Ruth Ann

  4. It looks like they were having a great time. And how cool is it that you got to take a nap. Ahhhh…

    We had a busy weekend too. I haven’t blogged about most of it, but I sure was glad when Sunday afternoon rolled around and we were able to relax a bit. I hate it when it seems like the weekend is over before it even began!

  5. Hey Amy. Whew- I’m glad this morning went well. That was awesome! It was good to see you- this year will be great, I can feel it!

    Here’s my weekend in review:

  6. Amy that is hilarious! He was probably thinking “I’ll take the party outside so I don’t wake my darling wife up” (C:

    I was going to ask you…I was trying to open some pictures from iphoto into my photoshop elements and it won’t seem to let me…any ideas since you are mac officianado (Sp?). I did get ilife and I got Microsoft Office 2008 for the mac. Thank you for those recommendations…I need to take time to sit and figure out how to use them to their full potential.

    My battery should be coming today and then I think I’m all set up. There are a few little things I need to figure out, but it’s getting more useable everyday. I was blessed with this ibook. I had been wanting one and a gal from church had one that she didn’t use anymore because the screen was too small. So she gave it to me. It was only a year old. There are still a few more programs I might like to get.

  7. I totally get what you are saying about planning. My husband always makes fun of me because when we’ve had christmas dinner at my house I had a program made and the songs on a burned cd were chosen based on what activity we’d be doing. To me, honestly, planning is a huge part of the fun!

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