My husband is half Irish. I made these cards for his family and thought I’d share.

Click an image to download, print and enjoy…

St. Patrick’s Day Free Printable Cards via

Use these as cute tags or notes.

St. Patrick’s Day Free Printable Cards via

I found these vintage images at Go Make Something. They have a whole slew full of of freebies!

Do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

I found the cutest kid’s book about St. Patrick. My kids enjoyed learning about him, especially since they ARE Irish.

Did you know…

The shamrock was used to represent the Trinity by St. Patrick. By doing this he could show people how the church was connected. St. Patrick used this to symbolize how The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit can be separate but also part of the same entity.

I wonder where wearing green and drinking green beer came from?


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  1. We were green on St Patrick’s Day because Green is teh color of Ireland. (the emerald isles)

  2. Love your St Patrick’s printables! Thank you! Our family always has an Irish dinner of Irish Stew, or Shephard’s Pie, and ends the evening watching “The Quiet Man”.

  3. My first time visiting your blog. I’ve already been to your FB. Found you through Where Women Create and glad Im not the only party crazed mom around. My father was Irish and I love these cards so cute…Im definately going to print them and make something from it!

    Thanks for sharing and inspiring…..I’ll be back! Hope you’ll come visit me on my blogs.

  4. these r super cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks 4 tellin me bout the shamrok!!!! i need some bookmarks so i printed these out!
    well done amy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    luv u!

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