Home with the kids now? Stay organized at home with a free printable weekly calendar for the school week! This bright colored free printable calendar is perfect for kids to keep track of what they need to do during homeschool. 

Free Printable Weekly School Calendar for Kids

Printable Weekly Calendar for Kids

It’s always a struggle for me to keep up with it all, so I designed this free printable weekly calendar to make it easy for my kids to help me out!

Keeping my kids on a daily and weekly schedule is very important. Use these printable calendars to stay organized all year long. Free printables are especially great for when you are home during the summer months as well as the school season.

I designed a fun weekly calendar for each child and placed them in a frame. 

You can write on the glass and easily erase to start over each week. The flags are perfect for reminding everyone of what is the most important!

Free Printable Weekly Calendars for Kids and Home School


Use Calendars in Frames or a 3 Ring Binder

These printable weekly calendars are perfect for printing and placing into a 3 ring binder as well as frames! You can do a frame for each child or put two calendars into one big frame.

After School Station with Free Printable Weekly Calendars by LivingLocurto.com

I used clear plastic cups to hold dry erase markers and Post-It products to update the calendars each week with the latest activities.

Post-It Notes - After School Station with Free Printable Weekly Calendars by LivingLocurto.com


DIY School Station

With these free printable calendars and a few items that I already had in my home, I was able to turn what was once an area where I hung my purses, to an organized school station for the kids!

After School Station with Free Printable Weekly Calendars by LivingLocurto.com

I found some fun office supplies and decided to use them in my school station along with the weekly calendar that the kids can update themselves!

Plus, having a weekly calendar is also fun for the kids to do! My daughter has always loved to stay organized with stickers.

Click Here –> to learn how to print on Post-it notes!

After School Station with Free Printable Weekly Calendars by LivingLocurto.com


Download the Free Printable Weekly Calendars

Enjoy my weekly calendars. I can’t wait to see how you use these printables.

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Originally Published August 1, 2013


Have fun getting organized!

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  1. Sorry, we only have school here on week days. This is a calendar for my kid’s school activities so I can keep up with school events. I didn’t realize other schools did things on weekends.

  2. I was really looking forward to giving these a try for this school year but then I noticed that you didn’t include Saturday and Sunday. I don’t know about others but our activities sure don’t end on Friday night. Nice design, though.

  3. Thank you! I was just putting this type of arrangement on my to-do for the next 2 days. You have made it that much easier to accomplish with style and min. expense.

  4. With 3 kids, this will be a lifesaver! Thank you so much for always sharing your printables! I love them!

  5. what if your house is too small? I have 5 kids in a less than 1000 square foot house and no room to hang anything. I have tried a basket system for organizing each of their stuff but now with 5 kids in school, the shelf is too small…

  6. LOVE these ideas Amy. The frame with the calendar is awesome. Love Post-it products- so many awesome uses. Thanks!

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