Red White and Blue Cocktail for 4th of July.

I finally did it! After trying to make a red white and blue layered cocktail several times with no success, I figured out a way to make a drink that looks great and tastes great.

This 4th of July drink recipe is very easy to make and the layers actually stay separated long enough to have the full red white and blue look to wow your party guests!

My struggle was each time I added the blue part of the drink, it blended too fast. So I posted one of my failed attempts on Instagram and a friend suggested making blue ice cubes. Perfect!! It worked!

Making 4th of July ice cubes from these star molds is really cute too. Party guests will love them!

Red White and Blue Cocktail for 4th of July.

You’ll need:

1 Cup Cranberry Juice (8 oz)

6 Tablespoons Vodka (3 oz)

1 Cup Sprite (use Sprite Zero for a skinny cocktail)

A lot of Crushed Ice

Ice Cube Molds

32 oz. Bottle of Cool Blue Gatorade

1/2 Cup Whipped Cream Vodka  (4 oz) optional

~ Makes 2 drinks



The night before, mix whipped cream vodka and Cool blue Gatorade. Pour into ice cube trays or star molds and freeze. (vodka is optional) If you use vodka, try 2 tablespoons per 1 cup of Gatorade so it’s not so strong, but sweet.

Mix the cranberry and vodka in a shaker

Add crushed ice to one third of the glass and pour cranberry juice and vodka mixture over it.

Fill the glass with more crushed ice and gently pour Sprite over the ice to fill the glass.

Top with blue ice cubes.

Add a festive patriotic drink stirrer or straw to mix the drink.


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