Little Red Riding Hood

One of my favorite photo sessions I styled at the I Heart Faces Photography Workshop was the theme of Little Red Riding Hood.

I love the dark, spooky look of the new movie in theaters and couldn’t wait to do something similar. During the planning phase, I wasn’t sure who would be our model. Then after talking to my partner Angie, we decided her daughter would be perfect!! So she got to go along with mom and work too. Talk about an amazing model! Oh my word… isn’t she gorgeous? I think she looks a little like Brooke Shields.

Little Red Riding Hood

We had our workshop at one of my very good friend’s ranch. Her family has lived there for years and her dad’s shed was full of amazing old antiques and junk… perfect for an art director like me. I was in heaven!!

I found this old door and heaved it out by a fence. It fell on me twice… but it was worth the effort right? With the overcast day, amazing outfit, model, location and props… everything was so perfect!

Little Red Riding Hood


Being in San Antonio we had to watch out for cactus, deer poop, fire ants and holes that the armadillos had dug in the ground. I was used to those obstacles. It was interesting how many attendees were not. I had no idea fire ants were not everywhere? I learned something new when a friend was bitten by some and she didn’t know what they were.

My only complaint was the heat and rain since my hair is really frizzy and curly. My hair got bigger and bigger by the minute. Eek!

Little Red Riding Hood - Cactus


Rachel did a wonderful job leading this photo session on the first day. I love how I just gave her my story boards, pointed in the direction of the scary looking trees, showed her my floating door and she took it from there.

Little Red Riding Hood - Photography Workshop

Our model, Miss Welsea, was a real pro. She even sat still for over an hour for her mom to curl her hair! I’m so proud of her! It was super fun having her with us. And all of the attendees were such lovely ladies… even when they were bitten by ants:-)

A big thanks to Sew Jewell for creating our Little Red Riding Hood outfit. I sure envy her sewing talent! The details on the dress were amazing.

Since I didn’t get time to take many photos, head over to Angie’s site to see more pretty photos of Weslea.

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  1. Love it….you guys have so much fun….I need to get you to come to my area…..maybe for the spring event? 😉
    Now that would be fun

  2. Amy, you are such a fantastic stylist/art director! I wish I could out you in my pocket and carry you to my shoots. Shooting with you around is such a breeze! Great shots!!

  3. She looks so beautiful in red riding hood dress. Pictures are just wonderful. Red riding hood dress is perfect for the photo shoot.

  4. Weslea LOVED working with Rachel…the next day she kept telling me how to run the session so it would be the “same as what Rachel did.” 😉 I’m so proud of her – she did an amazing job for us!

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