8 Reasons You are Not Just a Mom. When life gets hard, this is a great reminder for all the moms out there. We do so much, it’s often hard to keep up with it all. Read this funny article and take some time to laugh and give yourself a pat on the back!

8 Reasons You are Not Just a Mom. When life gets hard, this is a great reminder and encouragement for moms. Come laugh with us, you are not alone!

8 Reasons You are Not Just a Mom

Let’s face it, being a mom is hard. When you’re feeling worn out, just know you are not alone. We hope this reminder of how GREAT YOU ARE will make you smile today!

As a little girl I always wanted to be a Mom. I loved playing house and taking care of my babies. It all seemed like such a dream job. All you have to do is rock a baby, give it love, change it’s clothes, and sing to it. Not a bad gig right? Wow was I wrong!

I never noticed everything my mother had to do. The endless loads of laundry, the meals that had to be made, the tears that had to be wiped, or the wounds that had to be cleaned. Now that I am a mom, I see things in a whole different light.

8 Reasons You are Not Just a Mom. Funny Parenting meme quote for mothers.

The amount of jobs moms have on a daily basis is out of control. Not to mention there is no parenting class to give you qualifications. How about a nice warning letter in the mail to let you know about the years that lie ahead? Nope, you wont get one so stop checking the mailbox. ha!

You are so much more than “Just a Mom”

Even though it’s hard somedays, I love the many hats I get to wear as a mom. But I cringe when I hear people say,  “I’m just a Mom”. You are SO SO much more then that.  Let’s break this down….

1. Cook

Yep you are! Even if all you know how to make is frozen chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese. You are planning that meal, preparing it, and cleaning up after it. In my cookbook, no matter what you make you get to wear that hat! Even if they don’t eat the broccoli or green beans.  You made it, so it counts!

2. Nurse

Who  gets up in the middle of the night to clean up vomit, run a cool bath, or give medication? You guessed it, a nurse! There you go, you earned that hat too! Mothers are often just what the doctor ordered to a sick little one. We can make them feel better by just sitting with them and rubbing their back.

3. Cheerleader

It is a tough job sometimes to sit through a soccer game in the freezing cold. But lets face it, we love to see our kids shine. We love to watch them overcome obstacles and achieve great things. It makes us proud and feel like we did something right! So add a set of pom poms to your wardrobe or maybe you need a helmet! Either way You have earned it! GO MOM!!

4. Taxi Driver

Well, if the shoe fits right! All of those hours spent on the road. Getting your kids form birthday parties, school functions, church, friends houses, practice, rehearsal, the mall. You name it we have been there. Often times more then once in a week, maybe even a day. So grab that hat. Hey, maybe we should start asking for tips too!

5.   Counselor

This hat may be my favorite one. It is in the quiet moments, when our kids ask us what we think about a situation that mean so much. It makes our hearts burst with joy. They are listening to us, they value what we are saying. It is ALL worth it! Every yucky moment when we were told we know NOTHING was worth it! Yahoo!! We are not dumb! We are not losers!

8 Reasons You are Not Just a Mom. When life gets hard, this is a great reminder and encouragement for moms. Come laugh with us, you are not alone!

6. Maid

I know, this is the WORST one!! It is a thankless endless job. We just have to be real with ourselves. The chances of every single bit of laundry being done at one time is just a lost cause. It never fails, we have things under control and the house looks good, then all of the sudden a tornado (also known as kids) suddenly appears! The wreckage left when they are gone is just mind boggling. If it takes 5 hours to clean a house, it takes 5 minutes to mess it up. Just a fact… grab your hat and  if you can’t find it,  check under the couch!

7. Lawyer

Our kids are going to mess up. They will make bad choices and we will have to help clean up the mess. We may have to be a defense attorney and represent our kids to a teacher, friend, sibling, or even the other parent. Let’s all just pray these misdemeanors stay innocent like wearing older sister’s clothes, wrecking a friends bike, or maybe breaking dad’s lucky golf club. We have a long road friends, plead the 5th and grab your hat!

8. Teacher

I don’t know what is worse… multiplication facts or spelling tests? Either way we have to help our kids learn them! Long nights are ahead of us, filled with fun things like science fair projects and research papers. This one take everything I got! So better put on that glue covered hat before you make one more single flash card.

Well folks, the list could go on and on. We wear so many hats that we can’t even remember what they all are!

Keep up the good work. We got this!

The next time you hear someone say they are “just a mom” please correct them. We have earned our many hats and should wear them proudly! Blood, sweat, spit-up and often tears went into this gift we call motherhood! Now go and make some time for yourself. Give yourself a high five, put on your hat and grab your cape, because every mom has a little SUPER WOMAN in her!

What hat are you wearing this week?


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