Playing with Rice - Creative Activity for Kids

As you know, this week my cat knocked over my Mother’s Day flowers and the entire vase of water soaked my new laptop. The bad news is the laptop is fried and will cost $1,200 to replace… which I doubt I’ll be doing. YIKES! The good news is the hard drive did NOT get wet! Thank goodness I am able to get all my photos and work off of it pretty easily.

My friends on Facebook told me I should put my laptop in a big container of rice. Rice is magic and would dry it out. Well, it was probably ruined before I tried the rice, but at least my kids have been enjoying it! Who knew a cake pan full of rice could keep kids entertained for nearly an hour!? Even my 7 year old son is enjoying it.

Give your kids a cake pan full of rice on a rainy day… or in my case during a super hot Texas afternoon!

  • add wooden spoons and tiny cups
  • hide small treasures inside (my daughter used her brother’s Legos and coins from his wallet)
  • put cut outs of letters inside and have them find the letters that spell their name
  • let them sift the rice through a funnel

Then when your iPhone or computer gets wet, you’ll have a pan already full of rice! ha!

This idea is thanks to my creative daughter. She discovered the pan of rice and did all of this on her own without any of Mommy’s help. Someday, I’ll let her guest post on my blog!

Have a great weekend. -Amy


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  1. Oh… one more thing. My son went to a treasure hunt birthday party that was SO much fun. The kids were given clues that they had to follow; the clues led to a treasure map that they had to figure out. IT led to a sandbox (swimming pool full of sand) under their deck that had shovels for everyone and a ton of “pinata-style” treats (no candy,of course). The kids had a BLAST following the clues and then filling their take home goody bags with treats… they loved digging in the sand.
    .-= Pam D´s last blog ..Cherokee Rose =-.

  2. Kids love to sort and move things with their hands, don’t they? I used to save egg cartons, and on rainy days, I would open a bag of mixed beans so my boy (or my preschool class) could sort by color, size, etc. When my boy was studying money, I would use the egg carton with a big bunch of change (or fake coins if you’re afraid of germy money!). I used them in K5 Sunday school one morning and had the best behaved class ever! I’m so sorry about your laptop; what a sad thing to happen on Mother’s Day. :<( But I'm really glad that you'll be able to recover all of your work; THAT'S a praise!
    .-= Pam D´s last blog ..Cherokee Rose =-.

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