Beautiful Summer Picnic Table Setting.

I’m officially on vacation in Northern California. It’s a girl trip from me. My college friends will be arriving today. We’ve known each other for over 20 years and the friendships are ones that I cherish so much. I also have some newer friends that are very special as well. One is with a very talented lady you probably also know through the blog world.

Cathe Holden and I met years ago through our graphic design connection and of course love of crafting and blogging. I came to California a little early to visit with her and she surprised me with a beautiful picnic lunch in the town square park of Sonoma!

Beautiful Summer Picnic Table Setting.

What a special friend! This is why I love blogging so much. Through blogging, I met such a great friend… a women who shares most of my interests, and also one who appreciates how festive a simple picnic lunch can be. Neither of us do this in our everyday life… but every now and then, it sure is a blast!

Amy Locurto & Cathe Holden

I admire Cathe so much. She’s not only amazing talented, but a tad bossy just like me. ha! She “forced” me walk around the park while she set up her pretty table of vintage linens and homemade goodies. I was not to see it until it was ready:-)

Beautiful Summer Picnic Table Setting.

She really surprised me with something special! I loved that she used real vintage paper napkins too. Her husband makes the best cookies with flour he mills himself. Cathe really needs to do a recipe post about these cookies. They were amazing!

cookies with vintage napkins

After lunch, we shopped around the town square.

Cathe has a “thing” for orange, so when she commented on these bright orange sweaters at a local thrift shop, we had to try them on and get a little goofy. Pirate hats made them even more cool. ha!

Amy Locurto & Cathe Holden

It’s crazy I have to travel across the United States to see my good friends who I talk to regularly. It’s so worth it though!

Golden Gate Bridge and Amy Locurto

Check out Cathe’s blog and her huge amount of awesome free printables.

Thanks Cathe for a wonderful day!!

When is the last time you had a picnic lunch with a girlfriend? I suggest you plan one very soon. Have fun!

I’m joining the fun over at Tidymom’s Loving It.


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  1. I think college friends are the type of friends that you keep forever, college is just fun and the memories from those times are priceless. I stay friends with them still, and I’m glad that you do too! πŸ™‚

  2. @Sherri D.,

    So true! We need to make time for ourselves… then we are better moms, wives and friends afterward. Even if it’s just to take time out of the day for a special picnic lunch. So worth it:-)

  3. What cute friends you are! So glad I got to meet Cathe at CHA in January!

    Love the darling picnic, so nice of her!

  4. This post gave me the warm fuzzies. We all spend too much time “doing” just stuff. Stuff for other people which is necessary like our families, work, etc.; so hats off to you for taking some time for yourself. ENJOY!!

  5. LIfe has been…well, life lately. I think I’m in need of a good girls day out picnic. {just need to get everyone to slow down and just do it}
    Thanks for sharing the fun.

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  7. @Cathe Holden, Thank you, Cathe. I am a stalker of your blog; I’m so impressed by your talent! Your taking the time to respond is very much appreciated!

  8. Yup! Kenwood Sauvignon Blanc. A nostalgic treat- Kenwood SV was the first wine I ever had on my very first trip to Sonoma in 1986. You never forget something like that!

  9. They still had the original tags with extra yarn wound around! Church Mouse Thrift Shops, 15 East Napa Street, Sonoma, CA 95476-6708 (707) 938-9797 ?

  10. This is such a great inspiration! Sometimes it’s hard to find time to “stop and smell the roses”, or to have a picnic lunch with friends and family. We want to help people enjoy more moments like this, so we deliver picnic-ready foods like cheese trays, fruit, cookies and cupcakes from Dallas’ best food stores. If you give it a try, please tweet your picnic photos @Artizone!

  11. What a wonderful, thoughtful and creative surprise…. I’m going to have to plan one of those when my bestest comes up for a visit this summer. Thank you so much for the inspiration! Is that Kenwood Sav Blanc?…… My VERY most FAV ever!! Fruity and light awesome. Love Sonoma Square… I miss the valley and Napa Valley where I was raised….but being retired in Oregon isn’t too bad either ;o) Again thank you for the inspiration and enjoy your time together!

  12. Oh, Amy, how fun! I would like to purchase those two orange sweaters; can you let me know the name of the store?

  13. I barely got the chicken salad scooped onto the plate before Amy snuck up and started taking photos! (I’m sure no one’s surprised.) I had baguette slices to go with the salad! When I see that plate mounded with just salad I have to giggle. But notice she took no time in filling up the wine glasses, lol! Kenwood wine, Girl & the Fig mostrada (Sonoma), Petaluma Creamery Cheese, Sonoma Basque Boulangerie Sourdough. Had to keep it local! Super nice of the gal at the picnic table near us to take the shot of us both. We must have sat there two hours gabbing, eating and drinking. Finally the sun came between the trees and kicked us out. Great time walking through the shops in town. Wonderful, wonderful memories : )

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