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I’m one of the creators of I Heart Faces, a photography blog, but I’m not a professional photographer.

I did become a newborn photographer for a short while though. I love taking photos of babies, but with tons of editing and the time it took away from my design business and blogging, being a photographer became too much. I had to give it up.

Every now and then I offer photography services to friends and that gives me much joy! This weekend, I took photos at my friend Bia’s 40th birthday party. I sure have a LOT of friends turning 40 this year. Her party was gorgeous and I can’t wait to show you the photos and amazing details!
What I love about being a photographer is the challenge of trying to capture a person’s personality in just a few seconds and then the joy that it brings someone when they see the final product.

Bia told me she has never had a photo she liked of herself in her 40 years until now. Seeing her smile when she saw her photos sure makes me wish I had more time to be a photographer. Maybe someday.

This week at I Heart Faces, our photo challenge is Autumn Splendor. The leaves are just now changing in Dallas. I think they changed just for Bia’s party!

Join the fun and submit your favorite photo of Autumn on Monday or Tuesday.

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I Heart Faces Photography Show

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  1. I’ve seen some of your newborn baby photos and look great. For someone who doesn’t consider herself a professional photographer, those look really good. Would love to see more of them on the site.

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