Kids can make a stuffed animal pet collar in a few easy steps! This is an easy kids craft activity for cute toy dog accessories.

Stuffed Animal Pet Collar Kids Craft. Cute kids paper craft for stuffed animals. Craft Show for Kids at

Easy Stuffed Animal Pet Collar Kids Craft

We love kids crafts around here and now there is a new craft show for kids launching today and hosted by my daughter.

I don’t know how many shows there will be or if anyone will watch, but it sure was fun to make!

It started yesterday morning when my five year old daughter got into my craft supplies and made a paper pet collar for her stuffed dog named “Mom”.

This stuffed animal pet collar was totally her idea, with no help from me at all. I loved her craft so much, that I asked her if she would show my readers how to make it on a video.

How to make a paper dog collar. Cute kids craft!

She did this “How To” video in one take with no coaching by me. I just put the table in her room and turned on my camera.

As I was filming, I sat there amazed by what she was doing and saying. Even if I wasn’t her proud momma, I would be very impressed!

I think she’s a natural. Heck, I’m 40 and just now able to be on camera without freaking out…. and I still have to do a million takes to get it right. ha!

I hope your kids will like watching the show and be inspired by her cute Stuffed Animal Pet Collar Kids Craft. She has a lot of creative ideas!

How to Make a Stuffed Animal Toy Pet Collar

I’m very proud to introduce Siena in the very first “I’ll Show You How” Show… How to Make a Stuffed Animal Toy Pet Collar.

Show title, craft and script by Siena.

Find more of Siena’s craft videos here.

I’m not sure how regular the shows will be, but they should be FUN!

If you want to watch her momma’s DIY videos for more!

Share the fun!

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  1. My daughter (who is is 4 years old) and I just watch the video. We smiled alot. It was totally fun to watch. When it was over she asked if we could make a collar for her dog. Keep on doing crafts for kids and showing kids how to do it. I love the show and so does my daughter.

  2. My children just loved watching this video. Even the boys were enjoying it! Excited to see more

  3. Excellent tutorial – very well done! I like that Siena was able to explain things so thoroughly… such as how to cut the twist tie.

  4. Great job, Sienna! I’m sure my daughter, Molly, who is also 5, would love to make this craft. Can’t wait to see your next video!

  5. Okay, it is official. I want to kidnap your daughter. She is the cutest! I can’t wait to show this to my Emily (also 5 and also very crafty) 🙂 We need to get our girls to co-host a show together 🙂 xoxo

  6. @Margot Madison,

    Thanks Margot! I really was expecting her to throw a fit like she does in real life, but on camera she won’t do that. ha! She’s all pro. Who knew? I can’t wait to see what she does next! ha!

  7. So cute! She is adorable and on her way to stardom.
    And my girls are going to want to make those collars.
    Good job, Siena!

  8. Adorable!! I loved it when she said, “If you need help – you need help.” She’s very crafty!! Great job, Siena!

  9. Maybe I’m over analyzing, but I loved how she worked through the difficult parts of the project and didn’t immediately call you over to help. (I did a little mom-panic with the scissors and the twist tie part) She really is teaching how to keep trying which is a great life AND crafting lesson! We will expect more out of this charmer.

  10. Great job! Tell Siena I watched her video and am going to show my daughter tomorrow so she can make a cool dog collar for her puppy too.

  11. That was too cute. I see a Mother and Daughter show on the horizon. Thanks for sharing, it was a joy to watch.

  12. I’m so going to show this to my girls tomorrow! I bet by tomorrow evening, they’ll have me taping them while they make their pet collar too! Isn’t it a blast having daughters who love to craft as much as we do?

  13. I love this video Amy! I am actually getting my 6 yo son a ton of craft supplies for Christmas this year! You know how some kids have to their video gaming privileges taken away? My son occasionally gets his crafting taken away as a consequence. He hates video games, but give him paper, glue, and scissors and he’ll create anything you can imagine. Siena is too cute (and a Martha Stewart in the making!).

  14. Wow — it is obvious that Siena has had a chance to craft many times in the past.
    As a Junior Kindergarten teacher I know how many children her age have never even held a pair of scissors — let alone cut along a straight line! It is apparent that these opportunities to explore all of the craft materials and to use her imagination have supported her fine motor skills and creativity.
    Her video was absolutely charming and I look forward to many more. Thanks for sharing Siena (and Amy)!

  15. Wow — it is obvious that Siena has had access to all of the crafty items for a long time. As a Junior Kindergarten teacher, I have seen so many students who don’t even know how to hold scissors, let alone cut on a line. Her confident use of all the materials indicates that she’s had loads of time to practice her skills and refine all of her fine motor skills.
    I just loved the video and her assortment of “stuffies” awaiting their own collars! I’m sure the Mom is quite thrilled to be the first to get a collar.
    I hope that Siena will make more of these charming videos. Thanks for sharing Amy!

  16. Adorable- favorite quote- “if someone needs to help you, someone needs to help you.”
    Loved all the stuffed friends that came to the show.
    great idea- sharing with my kids- =)

  17. My best parenting moments are when the kids have an idea and we just “go with it!”. Well done!

    Go Siena! And go Mom! {I’m referring to you, Amy, the human Mom — not the stuffed one…. love that!}.

  18. She is a natural. My daughter will watch this when she gets home from school today. You have a mini-me, she will follow in your foot steps. I hope you will allow her to make more video’s. She is way to cute.

  19. This is precious! I love when she talks to you and tells you it’s hard. 🙂 So adorable. I can’t wait to show my girls when they get home from school. 🙂

  20. You have a little mini-me!! She is adorable, and so talented like her Mom. Hope there are more videos to come. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!! I know you are so proud of her.

  21. OH MY GOODNESS! That is so stinking CUTE! She did a really good job!

    Coincidently….Brooklyn loved it as well! The second the video started, she was glued to the computer next to me.

    I need a video camera. LOL

  22. This is seriously the cutest! She’s such a little pro and her end project is awesome! I hope she makes more…she’s got a fan in me.

    On a related note, my niece has a craft blog (it was so cute…called Tay’s Crafty World) for 4 whole posts. I asked her why she stopped. She said she forgot her password

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