You’ll love these fun game night party ideas and free printable invitation. Easy game ideas for adults and the whole family to enjoy at home.

Game night party ideas with a free printable invitation. Fun game ideas for adults and the whole family to enjoy at home.

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Fun Game Night Party Ideas

Hosting a game night is easy with these simple game night party ideas! With the hustle and bustle of my busy days, I love taking time out to relax with friends and family. Like you, I don’t always have time to plan a huge party, but hosting a simple gathering at home can be fast, easy and just as much fun.

Today, I’m sharing some simple party ideas and free party printables for a Game Night. I love the idea of game night because it’s great for all ages!

When I think of a perfect night in, I think of food first and if it has anything to do with my family, that usually includes pizza. So, I’m thrilled to introduce you to , a fabulous brand of pizza that I’m partnering with this year!

Ristorante Pepperoni Pesto Pizza by Dr. Oetker - Game Night Party Ideas

What I love about Ristorante pizza is the crispy thin crust and unique toppings which are appealing to adults like me who like a more sophisticated pizza. This is not your typical frozen pizza and believe me if you serve it at a party, people will think YOU made it from scratch. My kind of pizza! ha!

I hope you enjoy these fun Game Night party ideas and free printables.

Simple Party Ideas for a Game Night!


Game Night Free Printable Party Invitation

Along with planning the food, be sure to think of the guest list and what games you want to play. I designed some cute Free Printable Party Invitations that are perfect for a game night with friends or family.

Even when it’s just a night in with my husband and kids, I like to give them “formal” invitations. The kids love that!

Game night party ideas with a free printable invitation. Fun game ideas for adults and the whole family to enjoy at home.

Free Printable Game Night Party Invite

–> Download the Free Printable Game Night Party Invitations


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Fun Food Ideas for Game Night

I love serving pizza on Game Night because it’s easy finger food to grab and play. Ristorante has eight unique pizza toppings, and for my game night I chose Pepperoni Pesto topped with Pepperoni, sliced roma tomatoes, pesto, mozzarella cheese and the Quattro Formaggi with four premium cheeses: Edam, mozzarella, Emmental, and blue cheese, with basil seasoning. They were both delicious!

Check out the Ristorante Store Locator to find this frozen pizza near you. If your local supermarket does not currently sell Ristorante, put in a request with the store manager!

 Four Cheese Pizza by Ristorante

After baking and slicing the two pizzas, I served them on some wooden game boards. Opting for something other than your typical party platter can make a creative party table display with very little effort!

So if you have any old games with missing pieces, now you know what to do with the boards:-)

Game Night Pizza Platter Idea - A creative DIY party table display with very little effort!

Scrabble Crackers

Another fun and easy idea is to write on crackers with edible markers to make Scrabble tiles. Your guests will be wowed by this super simple idea:-)

Edible Scrabble Tiles. A Game Night Fun Food Idea by


Party Games and Prizes

When choosing party games, sometimes it’s fun to write all of the games each person wants to play on strips of paper and have someone draw them out of a jar or hat.

Think of fun prizes for both the winners and losers. When my kids were babies, we used to play spades once a month with three other couples. We had a loser trophy that we passed along to the couple in last place. We were always ready to come back the next month to give that trophy back! Any silly prize is always fun for a night in with friends.

Having simple, creative ideas and good food can make your game night in a blast!

What is your favorite game to play?


This is a sponsored post on behalf of Dr. Oetker USA LLC. I received compensation for this post; however, all opinions stated are my own.

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  5. Some great ideas for game night here – I like the formal invitaions (even for family members) and the prize for losers.
    ~Ana Smith

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  7. This pizza looks AMAZING (it is making my mouth water just seeing the pics)!! Pinning this for future reference (games and food!!)-Thanks!! 🙂

  8. I have teenagers and it is ALWAYS an added bonus that you get to eat your game pieces. lol

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