Party Ideas - Decorating with Duct Tape by Amy Locurto -

When it comes to party ideas, I’m always on the hunt for new products to use for decorations.

There is a new kind of duct tape in town and I’m loving it! Scotch Colors and Patterns Duct Tape comes in various designs and sizes. To celebrate this new product and website, Scotch Duct Tape sent me some samples to try out.

The tape is so fun, that I wanted to use it for a quick family birthday party for my daughter before we left on vacation. Since I’ve been so busy, I had one day to plan something special and this tape came in super handy!

I let her choose her favorite design of tape and she liked the stars the best. (I would have chosen the rainbow, but it was her birthday party:-)

Since she was turning six, we made six party decorations with the tape.

  1. Cake Stand Decor
  2. Mini Cake Banner
  3. Candy Bucket
  4. Gift Wrap
  5. Party Horns
  6. Number 6

Normally, I would do a big birthday with a lot of printable party decorations, but this fun tape was perfect for a quick family gathering.

These ideas are so easy that anyone can do them with a few rolls of the new Scotch Duct Tape!

Party Ideas - Decorating with Duct Tape by Amy Locurto -


Mini Cake Banner & Cake Stand Decor

To make a banner, just trim a few triangles and stick to a ribbon. I used a yellow and pink ribbon, then tied to a kabob stick.

Party Ideas - Cake Banner - Decorating with Duct Tape by Amy Locurto at

For a super simple and fast decorative idea, make a ruffle around a cake stand. This would be cute with any color of tape!

Cake Stand Party Ideas - Decorating with Duct Tape by Amy Locurto at


Marshmallow Treats & Candy Bucket

I didn’t have time to bake, but to do something special, I made easy marshmallow kabobs. The party theme was “You’re a Star!” I happened to have some star marshmallows left over from the 4th of July and decorated them with icing.

Handy tip: Dip your stick into water before pushing through the marshmallows. When wet, the stick will slide through the marshmallows easily.

Party Idea - Easy Marshmallow Kabobs by Amy Locurto at


Gift Wrap, Party Horns & Number 6

My daughter loved the number six I made from the tape! I wrapped paper around party horns and secured with tape. I even made duct tape rosettes for her gifts!

Rosettes are easy to make by tying a knot in one end of the tape and twist around until you make a flower. I used tape to hold everything together in the back.

Party Ideas - Decorating with Duct Tape by Amy Locurto at


Free Party Printable Sign

She loved the sign I designed for her as well! See the link below to download the Free Printable version of this “You’re a Star” sign and customize your own message. You can find these cute $1 frames at Ikea.

Party Ideas - Free Printable by Amy Locurto -

Download the Free Printable “You’re a Star” 5×7″ Sign.

For personal use only. ©


I hope you enjoyed these fun party ideas with the new Scotch Duct Tape!

Which idea did you like the best?

Scotch Duct Tape - Party Ideas - Living Locurto

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This post is a sponsored collaboration with Scotch Colors and Patterns Duct Tape.

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