Back to School Snack - Apple Book Worm Pancake Pop

Back to school snacks can be fun and creative with these adorable Apple Book Worm Pancake Pops!

Let me introduce you to a talented artist and mom, Jenni Price. Jenni loves to design pancake art for her children. When I found her blog, I thought it would be great if she could make something for us here. I was excited when she said yes, and even more excited when she sent me these pancake pops for a back to school snack idea. You won’t believe how easy this treat is to make!

Back to School Snack - Apple Book Worm Pancake Pop

These special treats would be perfect for the first day of school, after school snack or fun to make with your kids!

Back to School Snack - Apple Book Worm Pancake Pop

Click the image below to download a Free Printable PDF file with detailed instructions. You’ll be making cute pancakes in no time!

Apple Book Worm - Pancake Pop Tutorial

{For non-Commercial Use only. All images and content ©Jenni Price. Items not to be sold in stores.}

If you have problems downloading this file, let us know. Enjoy!


Jenni Price is a mom, a wife, and illustrator who loves making her kids art pancakes for snacks. She loves creating pancakes around Biblical themes to teach her children more about Jesus. Who would have thought that pancakes could be so artful and educational?  She hopes to inspire you to give art pancakes a try!

Find more pancake art on Jenni’s blog and in her shop.

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  1. Hi AMY,
    Just found this and love it! Sad that I am unable to download file…it must be on my end….have tried several days with no luck….anyway I can get it emailed? My thanks in advance!


  2. @leslie, I was able to download it after I made sure my browser was working correctly. I had to update the Internet Explorer but now it works fine 🙂 Hope that helps and will work for you, too 🙂

  3. @Nina, I was able to download it today! It was my computer 🙂 Sorry! Thank you for your wonderful ideas and the free printables! I am enjoying them and cannot wait to make these pancakes for the first day of school!

  4. @Amy, I still cannot download the file. It is probably my computer and not the file if I am the only one having trouble…

  5. I love this Pancake idea! Thank you for sharing!!
    Unfortunately my computer won’t dowload it for me 🙁

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