Cute and easy Chocolate Paddington Bear Cupcakes perfect for a kid’s birthday party!

How to make Paddington Bear Cupcakes.

How to make the cutest Paddington Bear Cupcakes!

One of my favorite book series as a kid was Paddington. I kept all of my childhood books and have been reading them to my daughter. Not only is Paddington a favorite, but so is a good birthday cake! Combining the two was a must. ha!

When I saw the trailer for the new Paddington movie, I was so excited that one of my favorite book characters would come to life. With an all star cast and the producer from Harry Potter, this movie will be fabulous!

Paddington Movie

I bet many children will be wanting a Paddington Bear Birthday Party after seeing the movie, and what is more fun at a party than cupcakes? I hope you enjoy these fun and easy Paddington Bear Cupcakes!

Scroll down for directions and the free printables to make your perfectly cute cupcakes!

How to make the cutest Paddington Bear Cupcakes! Free Printable tags to go along with the beloved children book character.

What you will need to make Paddington Cupcakes:

How to Make Paddington Bear Cupcakes

After baking cupcakes, make the bear’s nose by placing 6-9 candy melts onto parchment paper. Melt in the microwave for about 30 seconds until they are melted enough to place chocolate chips inside of them.

Paddington Bear Cupcakes by

Take out of the microwave and carefully place a chocolate chip, pointed side down, into the candy melt. Placing the chocolate chip in different areas of the candy melt make each nose unique.

Let cool completely before placing on cupcakes.

Paddington Bear Cupcakes by

While the candy cools, pipe the chocolate icing onto the cupcakes using a #233 decorating tip.

Paddington Bear Cupcakes by

Now gather everything you need to decorate your cupcake.

Print the Free Printable Paddington Hats and tags and trim with scissors.

Pick out your favorite color of sprinkles for his eyes. I chose blue.

Paddington Bear Cupcakes by

Place the candy melt nose onto the cupcake.

Gently add the paper hat. If the hat gets messy, that’s okay because Paddington is a messy bear and his hat is usually dirty!

I used matte photo paper for my hats, but the icing still soaked into the paper just a bit. I actually liked how the chocolate made the hat look worn.

Drop two sprinkles onto the cupcake for the eyes. Use a toothpick to fix your eyes just right. You can also use blue icing if you prefer.

How to make Paddington Bear Cupcakes.

Display your Paddington Bear Cupcakes with the “Please Look After This Bear” tags. Just add some string to the tags and place around the cupcake.

How cute are these? Your Paddington fans will love them!

How to make Paddington Bear Cupcakes.

Be sure to check out the Paddington movie.

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Cute and Easy Chocolate Paddington Bear Cupcakes perfect for a kid's birthday party!  #bear #cake

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  1. A friend passed on your recipe and it was a big hit. I made box cupcakes but did a frosting recipe with butter and cream cheese (found on McCormick spice website). This was my first time using a pastry bag which took me some time. They were such a big hit from the 2, 11 year old and the older crowd too.

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