I’m headed home to my small town in Oklahoma for a week vacation.

It’s good to go home, back to the country to fish in this pond.

To feed this chicken who even has her own blog and Facebook page!

Hang out with my hip 80 something Grandma.

To take my mom shopping for a computer and help her hook up the internet at her house. (Yes, she does not have the internet… gasp!) I’m voting for this, then I can use it while I’m there!

We’re also planning on attending Ree’s (The Pioneer Woman) big 4th of July party. She was so sweet to invite me! I am totally thrilled since she is my blog idol and all. So I’m super excited to meet her again and also visit with old friends from my home town. I heard the fireworks are out of this world! We can’t shoot fireworks in the city, so sparklers are as crazy as we get! My poor, deprived city kids.

I looked on Ree’s blog to borrow the above ranch photo and found this!! Holy Cow!

She writes that this is only a small portion of their arsenal!! Should I be scared??

Hopefully Mom’s internet will be working and I can tell you if we made it out alive. Thank goodness for iPhones… they’re wonderful for small towns where your family doesn’t need the internet to survive. And also handy to have around to call the ambulance after someone catches on fire at the 4th of July party:-)

I’ve got some fun posts planned for the week, but you can follow me live on Twitter and Facebook for the small town fun.

Happy 4th of July!!

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  1. Hope you’re having fun Amy!! We just got back from our small town get away…..we couldn’t get on anything down there…..so I was pretty much disconnected for 3 days…….but it was surprisingly relaxing!!

    Can’t WAIT to hear about those fireworks!!

  2. I think you’ll be OK… that ranch is pretty big. We have a tiny portion of what PW has, but we shoot it on the turnaround of our driveway, and a stray rocket or two has made it INTO our garage. Could be funny… could be fatal. That’s what makes it exciting. :<) Have a ton of fun with family… Happy 4th to you and your family!

  3. Yay! Oklahoma’s the best! Wish I was there for the 4th with my old friends and a big sky to watch the fireworks in.

  4. Fireworks on my uncle’s farm when I was a kid is one of my favorite 4th of July memories! Have fun and give us a call when you get back!

  5. Amy! I am so jealous! A week long vacation in what seems like the PERFECT place. And ‘THE PIONEER WOMAN?’ {Gasp}! I am totally jealous. Put a good word in for me, and maybe I can be her friend someday too! 😉 –Have a blast!

  6. How fun!!!! You are going to have a blast!! I used to live in Elk City, OK and I love my little town!!
    I say awesome if you get an iPad!! I have one and I take it with me everywhere!!! It is way better than a laptop!!!Way better indeed!! and BTW her name is Paty!

    Have a Fantastic 4th of July!!!!

  7. Looks like fun! I’m afraid we’ll be rained out…but maybe not. Just the city fireworks display. If we’re lucky, no one will get pelted this year.

  8. You’ll be close to me when you come back to your hometown! I love the brick roads!!!
    Have fun at Rees! Hope it doesn’t rain on the party!

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