Fun notes to help kids tell you about their day! Back to School Free Printable for kids.

These fun “How was School?” Free Printables are my idea to help those of us with younger kids in school. If you are tired of your kid answering “fine” when you ask about their day like me, then hopefully these school notes will help them to open up a bit more!

My son is not a talker when it comes to things that happen at school, but if you ask him about some kind of video game, he won’t stop talking! Typical boy I think. I designed these free printable school notes to try to get him to tell me more about his day.

Now that his little sister is also going to school, I’m sure I’ll learn more about what’s happening at school. She doesn’t need ANY prompting to talk about her day. ha!

Look at the genius idea a reader came up with for her kids!  Athena spray painted frames, inserted the school notes and is using a dry erase marker each day. Thanks for sending this to me Athena, I love this idea.

Fun notes to help kids tell you about their day! Back to School Free Printable for kids.

Download the Free Printable My Day at School was notes:

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  1. Love these. As a special education teacher, I am going to use them with some of my students for home/school communication.

  2. this is a wonderful place, full of inspiration. thank you for all of the goodies here and all of your hard work to create this wonderful resource and all of your talent in the things you have created to share here too.

    i especially love these school notes. wish i had thought of something like this when my guys were little.
    i will use them with my grandson, his mom will love them. 😉

  3. This is so cute! I love the little faces off to the side of the page. It is a good idea to getting kids to talk more about their day. I also usually get the “it was okay” response from them. Thanks!

  4. This is super cute Andrew! My kids are the most “chatty” on the ride home from school so I have a 7 minute window to get all the dirt! lol Can I share this on my blog? I’ll give you a link back… 😉

  5. Thank you so much for this great printable! I printed off several copies to have my son complete throughout the year. He isn’t big on telling me all about his day most of the time so I hope this will be a great activity to get some info out of him 🙂

  6. Thanks for another Great Printable….double thanks for the “Black and White” option! Pat B

  7. I love these printables and already know what I am going to do with my kids. Once I create it – I will share it. If you don’t mind I will also share the final project on my site (referencing your post/site of course). Thanks so much.

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