My baby girl is already a flirt! Can this really be the start of boyfriends at age one? Most of my friends have little boys and then there are her big brother’s friends… oh my, her daddy is in for it someday!

As somewhat of a ex-flirt myself -), I can tell when she is really turning it on. Asher is her favorite boyfriend right now. When she sees him, she bends down, puts her face close to his and smiles really big, then does a happy dance. I can’t tell if he really notices the show she is putting on for him or not? Ha!

These photos are from the Wiggle’s Play Center. Are they holding hands up on the slide??? Asher, you sly fox!

Looks like she had fun. Big bro was at VBS, so she had mommy all to herself. Happy times!

Speaking of boyfriends. I want to introduce you to her “New Boyfriend”. We are getting a little too attached to him for my taste, but this is at least one guy her daddy will approve of, since he gave him to her!

Say hi to Elmo!

Elmo goes everywhere with us these days. He even let’s her suck on his eyeballs. Mmm Mmm good!

Thanks Daddy. I think this is the first thing he has bought her so far. The first of many things to come!

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